Monday, April 23, 2012

Music For Monday-I Choose The Lord

One of our family's favorite music groups is the Inspirations Quartet. This is a quartet that has stayed with the old-time style of music, yet continues to bring a fresh sound album after album, year after year-since the 1960's! Their newest release, God Makes No Mistakes, is yet another testimony to this. While there are a number of wonderful songs on this cd, my personal favorite is the last track; I Choose The Lord. 

Just as it sounds, I Choose The Lord is a song that makes a statement. Bringing up heroes of the faith such as Paul and Daniel, it encourages us as believers to "choose the right" and "take a stand like those gone on before". Of course, it's not just a call to action, it also gives us a reason for action, as the chorus reminds us that "No doubt I'll win", and "there's no turning back until I reach that shore: I choose the Lord". What a great way to start off our week, by an encouragement to take a stand for Christ! If you haven't heard this song before, you can purchase the cd or download the MP3 version online at Crossroads Music!

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