Monday, April 2, 2012

Music For Monday #1-Homecoming Day (Tribute Quartet)

Hey all, I decided to start a weekly post on Mondays called "Music For Monday". Some of these will be old songs, and some new. They won't be too long or wordy, but just sharing a song that has been a blessing to me in the past week. And, since Mondays are often our "hard" days, getting back into workday routine, maybe it will be a help to all of us!

 To "kick off" this new feature, I wanted to begin with one of my new favorite songs. This song was recorded by Tribute Quartet, and is from their newest cd, The Waiting Is Over (available at Crossroads Music, or the Tribute Quartet website). The song, Homecoming Day, is one that every Christian can relate to. (Especially on Monday, when you feel especially weary, heading back into your job after a refreshing day at Church :)

Homecoming Day was penned by Melissa Brady (if you're at all familiar with Southern Gospel, then you should know that Melissa is the wife of Jim Brady, member of the Booth Brothers trio). It's a song that immediately speaks to each and every listener-because who hasn't, at some time, felt "weary from the battle"? And who doesn't have loved ones in Heaven that they are waiting to be reunited with? And yet, as Homecoming Day so aptly reminds us, the greatest joy will be to see the Father, and hear His welcome to Heaven. Sung with heartfelt emotion by Tribute's tenor, Riley Harrison Clark, this is a song (and a cd) that you don't want to miss! You can preview songs, download individual tracks or the complete album, or buy the cd at Crossroads Music.

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. I think "Music For Monday" as a weekly post is a nice ideal.
    It is a perfect way to start off the week, everyone likes music.
    My family sang a lot of Gospel songs together.
    I enjoyed reading this, Thanks