Monday, April 30, 2012

MopTop Haircare for Children! Review and Giveaway!!

Do any of you have a child with frizzy hair? Hair that just won't behave, no matter how much you style, spray and try to control it? Yep, most of you probably know what I'm talking about :)

I recently discovered MopTop Haircare, a company that specializes in haircare products for dry, frizzy and unruly hair. The best part is that they have a special line for children, called Fuzzy Duck! I received the Kids Travel Kit for review, which includes the Fuzzy Duck Gentle Shampoo, Gentle Conditioner, Detangler and Refresher Spray, and Anti-Frizz Gel. 

M has very fine hair that is super frizzy. You haven't seen unruly hair until you've seen M! She can literally get up, brush her hair, walk out to the breakfast table, and it's a mess again. So, she was excited to try this kit out. At her next bath time, she brought in the shampoo and conditioner. M said they both worked really great. The shampoo lathered up nicely, and the conditioner left her hair feeling soft and manageable. After drying off and getting dressed, she spritzed in a little of the detangler spray as she combed out her hair. There were a lot less knots than normal, just a couple of small tangles. She also applied a dab of the hair gel. This gave her hair some hold and definition, but it didn't look "gelled" or wet. When her hair dried, it was simply smooth, with no frizz. It didn't get messed up very easily either; for the rest of the day, M's hair looked really nice! Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results, and M is enjoying her good hair days!

"There are NO SULFATES in our shampoos. These are harsh cleansing agents that can quickly dry out the hair as well as increase the likelihood of fading color and leave you with FRIZZ. There are NO INSOLUBLE SILICONES and NO WAXES in any of our products. These ingredients will build up and require stripping off of the hair. While stripping off the build up you also strip off your natural moisture and naturals oils and that leaves you with FRIZZ. There are NO ALCOHOLS in the styling products. These ingredients will dry out the hair and leave you with FRIZZ."

One of my readers will receive a Fuzzy Duck Travel Kit!!

Nutrisystem Update-Almost There! #NSNation

Well, I'm almost to my first 10-pound weight loss goal! This past week I dropped 1.3 pounds, leaving just 2.6 to go before I earn my first Nutribear! I am so excited, and hoping to make it to this goal by my Nutrisystem update next week! 2 pounds is the most I've lost in 1 week, but that extra half pound shouldn't be too hard, right?! Maybe if I step up the aerobic exercise this week I can make it :) It will be a tough week, because it's my Dad's birthday and our whole family is going to a campground over the weekend to get together with some friends. I have all my meals packed, and extra foods planned though, so I'm planning to stick with it. Maybe just a tiny sliver of birthday cake...I have to for my Dad's birthday, you know?!

Yesterday we had lunch out with a friend, but I was able to stay with the diet completely. Brought along a Chocolate-Peanut Butter lunch bar, and ordered a steak with the salad bar, and a diet soda. By now it's pretty easy to guesstimate 2 ounces of meat, so I brought the rest of the steak home. A nice big salad with loads of extra veggies and 2 tablespoons of low-fat dressing completed my meal. Delicious, filling, and totally on the diet plan! 

So far on Nutrisystem (I just started week 7) I have lost a total of 7.4 pounds, 1.5 inches from my waist, 2.5 inches from my hips, 1/2 inch from my thighs, and 1 inch from my upper arms. That is what I love about Nutrsisytem-the great results! I am noticing a difference in my clothes; several of my favorite shirts are getting loose, and a skirt that used to be tight around the waist now fits great. What's not to love about Nutrisystem?

Want to join me in losing weight and improving your health with Nutrisystem? There's no need to wait! Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. I did receive free Nutrisystem product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. I am not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cureology Shine Mist Review and Giveaway!

It's often been said that a woman's hair is one of the first thing's other's notice about her. While it may not be the first, I find that when my hair looks nice, I feel better about myself, and more confident. Needless to say, I am always on the lookout for hair care products that will help in giving me that edge :)

Cureology recently sent me a bottle of their Shine Mist for review, and I have to say I am very pleased with the results! 

More than just your average shine serum, this actually has multiple uses. I found that spraying a little before styling gave a soft hold to the style. Not anything too firm or plastic-looking. It allowed for natural movement of my hair, but kept it more defined. Spritzing a soft mist over the finished style helps seal that look, and adds a beautiful shine to my hair. Again, I like that the Shine Mist leaves my hair soft and natural looking, without any oily, greasy or stiff feel. My hair has a nice glossy sheen without being weighed down, and I can run errands, visit with friends, or just hang out at the house, confident that my hair looks it's best!

"Cureology Beauty strives to make a difference by presenting consumers with the opportunity to effortlessly take action for worthy causes by purchasing products from our line of premium personal care products.
These products are developed specifically with each charity in mind and branded appropriately to help create additional publicity and awareness. These would not be promotional items nor limited run, but exist as independent cause based brands under the Cureology Beauty umbrella.
Cureology Beauty pledges a significant amount of the proceeds from each cause based brand to the various charities it partners with and is looking for rewarding, satisfying long-term relationships to help find cures.

One of my readers will receive a Cureology Shine Mist!!

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Review!!

Okay, I admit I am a techie, geek...whatever your word of choice to describe a computer/technology nut. So, when given the opportunity to review an amazing new product from Seagate, I was beyond happy :) However, you don't have to be a geek to enjoy the item I received; read on to discover how to become a Chief Home Officer!!

I received the GoFlex Satellite for review. The Satellite is very unique. It is an external hard drive that will stream wirelessly to your iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. I was excited about trying this out, and got started right away. The first step was to hook it up to my Mac, via USB.

Next, I started loading the Satellite with movies, music and photos. When you access the drive via your device, the files are arranged by type, but I also created folders to keep it organized while adding, rather than just having a jumbled mess. (Yes, I'm a neat freak too :)

The drive will hold any type of file, and is 500GB, so you don't have to worry about overloading it. Obviously, your device may only play certain files, so check what format you need before loading the Satellite. Once I had some movies added, I disconnected the Satellite, powered it up, and waited a few seconds for the wireless to start up. 
To access the files on the Satellite, you simply connect to the GoFlex Satellite wireless on your device. 

Once connected, pull up your browser and it automatically takes you to your personal multimedia theater!

A closer shot
Watch this short video for a demonstration:

At this point, you can watch movies, listen to music, or browse pictures from your device of choice. It's literally a theater at your fingertips, whether you're in the car, on a plane, or sitting at the restaurant waiting for your meal! The Satellite will stream to up to 3 devices at once, so you can scroll through family photos while your kids are watching Lassie. It is extremely compact, and literally fits in my purse. Never be bored again when you have a Satellite with you!
I was really amazed and impressed with the GoFlex Satellite, and recommend it to any Mom on-the-go! This would make an awesome gift for Mother's Day in a couple weeks; you can fin more information or order online at!

"The GoFlex Satellite™ device lets you take your media library on-the-go and stream it wirelessly to your iPad®, Android® tablets, and smartphones.
  • Take more than 300 HD movies on-the-go*
  • Stream media over Wi-Fi to 8 devices at the same time
  • Automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac computer
  • Easily access and stream your media using the free app or your device’s web browser
  • Up to 7 hours battery life**"

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Seagate website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

20 Second Fitness Update

Wow, another week of 20 Second Fitness has come and gone! I only have about 10 days left of the program, and I am excited about seeing the final results. I'm very happy with what I've seen so far, that's for sure!
So far this week each workout has been 8 minutes, with an optional 2-3 minutes of various exercises at the end. I usually complete them all, because after all, I do want results! The calf raises are fun, although they do burn! Yesterday was a "leg day", so in addition to the 4-minute leg specific workout and 4 minute heart pumper set, we did 3 minutes of calf raises. Talk about barely being able to walk!! However, I did it, and I'm proud of myself :)

The past week I have lost right at 1.5 pounds. I'm thrilled to have such great results, and I've already determined to start the program again from the beginning as soon as I complete it! I urge anyone who is looking for a new fitness program to check out 20 Second Fitness. It's my favorite!

Curvy Kate Lingerie Review and Giveaway!!

Finding comfortable yet pretty undergarments can be a hard task sometimes. I am extremely picky when it comes to clothing, and undergarments are no exception.

Curvy Kate is a company the specializes in lingerie for sizes D to K. They have a great selection of pieces and sets, that are all extremely lovely!
I received the Angel bra in Teal/Gold for review. This is a balconette style bra, in a rich teal color with gold trim. The crisscross ribbon detailing is exquisite, and the overall look is sheer femininity. It is very well made, and sturdy in spite of that delicate girly look :) It fits perfectly true to size, and is very comfortable.

"Launched in July 2009, Curvy Kate offers a gorgeous collection of D – K cup lingerie designed specifically for the fuller bust. We are passionate about fit and proving how incredible a shapely figure can look in a well made bra. 
We make sure every garment is tried and tested on naturally fuller busted women with real curves. Only the best fitting designs go into our collections and no garment is launched until our wide range of fitting models are happy.
Curvy Kate bras not only support and lift a fuller bust but also complement those killer curves. There are many fresh and fun styles to suit every taste.  Keeping the distinctive Curvy Kate signature we bring new and original designs and whilst we target a young fashion conscious customer, we focus on attitude rather than age.
We are simply committed to giving all curvy women a huge range of beautiful lingerie that fits and flatters their fabulous figure."

Curvy Kate is also running a unique contest right now called "Star in a Bra", searching for their next model. You can find more information on the Curvy Kate website!

One of my readers will receive a Curvy Kate bra!! 
(style based on availability)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snaptotes Picture-Perfect Handbag Giveaway!!

Wow, I am so excited about this giveaway opportunity! A few days ago I posted a review about the most amazing purse ever, a Snaptotes purse. If you didn't get the chance to read it, click here, because this really is an amazing item. I was so happy when Snaptotes offered me the chance to hold a giveaway for all of my readers, so one of you can experience the awesomeness that is Snaptotes!

"SnapTotes is not just about memories; it's not just about what's in your heart... It's about carrying and sharing memories of those people and places that are important to you, your loved ones and friends.
Memories are unique for each and every person. This is one reason we make it so very easy to create a special bag that fits and expresses your memories perfectly every time. We guarantee our products and service."

One of my readers will receive a $50.00 gift code for Snaptotes, to be used on any purchase! 

Slip 'n Slide Monster Splash Review and Giveaway!!

Guess what? Warm weather is here, and that means not just outdoor fun, but water fun! We recently had the opportunity to try out a really neat new product from Wham-O; the Slip 'n Slide Monster Splash!
As soon as I opened this package, the kids were begging to set it up. Unfortunately we had one final (hopefully) cold snap, so it was a few days before the sun came back out. Once it did, though, the Monster Splash became part of our backyard decor :)

I was surprised at how easy it was to set up. It did need inflated, but I pulled out our air mattress pump and that did the job in a matter of minutes. From there it was a simple task to fill the pool and then hook the hose into the slide end. 

M especially was impatient, and as soon as there was water flowing, she dove right in-and on!

One of the best parts about the Monster Splash is the fact that it has a small pool at the end. Even the kids who are a little "too big" for the slide enjoy sitting in the pool and cooling off! Since setting the Monster Splash up, it has been one of the kids' favorite activities. I'm sure they will continue to enjoy through the entire summer!!

Wham-O! is giving a Slip 'n Slide Monster Splash to one of my readers!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jabra Sport Wireless Headset Review!!

Hey everyone, today I want to share a really neat product that is also super-useful. Let me start by explaining that whenever I exercise, I want to have music on. Whether I'm taking a brisk morning walk, doing an exercise dvd in my room, or using the treadmill at our local YMCA, I always have my iPod or phone with me. One problem, however, is finding some earbuds that don't fall out if I move into a jog. Or a common disaster, my arms get tangled up in the wires. So, when I heard about the Jabra Sport, I knew this was a product that would be a winner.
The Jabra Sport is a wireless bluetooth headset that gives you the ability to not only enjoy your music -wirelessly- while exercising, but also take any important phone calls! It connects to iPhones and other smartphones, so practically anyone can use this. My smartphone (I have a Sony Ericcson Vivaz right now) also doubles as an MP3 player, so the Jabra Sport was perfect for my needs.

When the Sport arrived, I was very impressed with the design, quality and comfort of the headset. A small band connects your earpieces, so it keeps them from falling off during your active moments. 

I am very picky about my earbuds (okay, picky is an understatement; I use over-the-ear headphones because it's rare to find an in-ear or around-ear set that I can wear without discomfort). So, I was extremely pleased with the comfort of the Jabra Sport! No uncomfortable fit, no pinching or tugging; just a pleasant headset that you almost forget is even there! 

A closer shot
The Sport was easily paired with my phone, and from there I checked out all the neat features. You can adjust the volume, skip tracks, and accept or decline calls, all with the headset; there's no need to pull your phone out! I use an armband to hold my device while exercising, and have it in a side "holster" the rest of the time. With both of these, the Jabra Sport works beautifully, and I have uninterrupted music the entire time of my workouts! It's so much easier than trying to pull my phone out to play with the volume or go to a certain song while jogging! 

I am very pleased with the Jabra Sport, and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a better alternative to the average earbuds. This is superior in so many ways, and makes life just so much easier!

"With the Jabra SPORT you get exceptional music and call sound quality. It has A2DP, AM3D Power Bass audio enhancement and a wind-shielded microphone and Virtual Surround Sound audio enhancements. It also has a built-in FM radio so you can tune in to your favourite station while you work out. 

The Jabra SPORT is ultra-light and easy to wear. With a choice of different ear gels and a flexible behind-the-ear fit, it stays firmly Eargels™ and comfortably in place. It’s also tough. With Military Grade Rain, Dust and Shock Protection it is fit for any challenge, indoors or outdoors.

The Jabra SPORT comes with a free download of Endomondo Sports Tracker, a fitness tracking application for smartphones that functions as a motivational tool for running, giving quick updates on speed, distance, and lap time.  Endomondo allows users to visually see past running routes on their smartphone via a GPS tracking feature.  The Endomondo Sports Tracker app is designed to work with 
iPhone®, Android or BlackBerry® handsets."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Jabra website.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nutrisystem Week 6 Check-In!! #NSNation

Well, another week of Nutrisystem has come and gone, and I am loving it more and more each day! It amazes me how many benefits have come from joining the Nutrisystem nation! Not just the weight loss, which I really love, but so many other bonuses to this program. For example, NS is teaching me how to make healthy choices when it comes to what I eat and drink. I'm becoming more conscious of just how much food is on my plate. I'm eating more vegetables than ever before, and enjoying it. I'm drinking 64 ounces of water a day (at least) and find myself preferring water over other beverages such as diet sodas or even sweet tea (one of my favorites). Yes, I am seeing the weight drop off. But best of all, Nutrisystem is teaching me to eat responsibly, and I am planning changes to my eating habits when the NS program has ended. How's that for some Nutrisystem love?!

You want to hear results? This past week I lost 1.6 pounds. I was honestly expecting to gain weight this week. We had a girls night out, and I actually splurged this week by eating a regular meal at Red Robin. However, when I say regular, I don't mean my past regular. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't convince myself to eat that bacon cheeseburger. I couldn't even talk myself into adding that cheese and mayo to my grilled chicken sandwich! It just didn't seem worth it. So, I ate a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, with a small helping of steak fries (without any ketchup). An under-10-calorie strawberry lemonade finished it off. Was it much healthier than what I would have eaten in the past? Definitely! Did I enjoy it as much as a greasy burger? No, I actually enjoyed it more. Because I knew I was making the right choice and wouldn't have to make up for all those extra calories later! I'm so pleased to have lost a total of 6.1 pounds so far while on Nutrisystem, and I don't want to ruin the new habits I've formed.

Believe me when I say that Nutrisystem can help anyone lose weight. Because while I wasn't majorly overweight, I did eat too much, and too much junk food. So if I can stick with the NS diet, anyone can!

Want to join me in losing weight and improving your health with Nutrisystem? There's no need to wait! Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. I did receive free Nutrisystem product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. I am not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Picture Perfect Purses! Snaptotes Review!!

I recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful and unique product. You may or may not be familiar with Snaptotes, but let me tell you; they are amazing! Snaptotes is a company that allows you to put pictures on your purse or handbag (they also have wallets and other items available). 

Snaptotes graciously gave me the chance to design a Single-Strap Bucket Bag for my review. You can choose from a single photo, a collage, or use one of the templates provided on the site. I chose the collage, and opted for a different set of pictures on each side. There are several background colors available; white, black, brown and pink. After browsing, I settled on the purple, and got started uploading my photos. It was very simple, and easy to navigate and design. You can choose what pictures are placed where, so it's fully customized. Unlike some photo gift companies I've seen before, that just throw your pictures on and you have to live with their layout :)

A screen shot of the design feature on Snaptotes

After placing my order, I was very anxious to see how the purse actually turned out. Due to a rush of Mother's Day orders, it took right about 2 weeks for my purse to be shipped, and only a couple days for it to be delivered. When I opened the package, I was amazed at how nice the bag looked! The pictures are stunning, and the colors stand out bright and clear. The pastel purple background sets them off nicely too. Between both sides I had 13 slots to fill, so I was able to include some of my favorite family photos from the past year. Several from our trip to Branson made their way on, as well as some from hikes, a day at Legoland, and the Texas Ranger museum. Each picture brings back a wonderful memory, and I absolutely love having them on my purse! I have received so many compliments while out and about, and of course I direct them all to Snaptotes.

Aside from the pictures, the Bucket Bag itself is very nice as well. It's nice and roomy without being oversized. There are a couple pockets and one zippered pocket, so I can arrange my little accessories. It easily holds my wallet, comb, pocketknife, etc. and has room to spare. Yet again, it's not too big. It is just the right size for what I like, and is very well made. I also like the hard base, as it keeps my purse from flopping and spilling. Even without the photos, this is my favorite purse ever, and the memorable photos only make it better!

A gift card to Snaptotes would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day! Or buy one for yourself-you will not be disappointed!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Snaptotes website.

Sunglass Man Online Review and Giveaway!!

With spring here, we have been spending much more time outdoors the past few weeks. Whether it's volleyball in the back yard, a day at the park, or basketball at our local outdoor court, I am outside for at least a couple hours every day lately! Of course, sunglasses are a necessity, especially during volleyball. We play right before dinner most evenings, and that happens to be when the sun is glaring right into your eyes. So, I was excited when I had the chance to try out The Sunglass Man Online, and choose a new pair of shades for review. 
After much searching, I finally found what looked like the perfect pair. I like metal frames, but most aviator-style are almost too big. So, when I found a pair with a metal frame, but smaller lens, I ordered them right away! My order arrived very quickly, and I was excited to try these out. 

The glasses appeared very sturdy, not the wire-thin arms you see many times. They fit just right, and are very comfortable. I wore these for our next volleyball game, and was impressed with how well they shaded my eyes from the sun! Our volleyball games get a little rowdy sometimes, and even with a few bumps and collisions, the glasses stayed in place. I have also worn these while driving, walking, and playing other outdoor sports; in every situation they are perfect! Very stylish, very sturdy, and definitely a nice pair of shades!

One of my readers will receive a $20.00 gift code to 
The Sunglass Man Online! 
(Most of their glasses are $20.00 or less.)

Music For Monday-I Choose The Lord

One of our family's favorite music groups is the Inspirations Quartet. This is a quartet that has stayed with the old-time style of music, yet continues to bring a fresh sound album after album, year after year-since the 1960's! Their newest release, God Makes No Mistakes, is yet another testimony to this. While there are a number of wonderful songs on this cd, my personal favorite is the last track; I Choose The Lord. 

Just as it sounds, I Choose The Lord is a song that makes a statement. Bringing up heroes of the faith such as Paul and Daniel, it encourages us as believers to "choose the right" and "take a stand like those gone on before". Of course, it's not just a call to action, it also gives us a reason for action, as the chorus reminds us that "No doubt I'll win", and "there's no turning back until I reach that shore: I choose the Lord". What a great way to start off our week, by an encouragement to take a stand for Christ! If you haven't heard this song before, you can purchase the cd or download the MP3 version online at Crossroads Music!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Girls Can't WHAT? Review and Giveaway!!

I recently discovered a website that is absolutely wonderful! Girls Can't WHAT? specializes in apparel and gifts for girls and women. I happen to enjoy karate/martial arts, and many people tend to think it's a guy activity. I happen to disagree, as it's not only good for physical fitness, but for personal self defense as well. So, I was thrilled to discover that Girls Can't WHAT? has a complete line of martial arts gifts. Another "guy thing" that I enjoy is guns. I own my own pistol, and enjoy target shooting every chance I get. Again, GCW carries a great selection of girl-gun-themed products! After a long time of browsing the site, I finally settled on the Girl and Gun ringer-style t shirt for my review. I was very impressed with the shipping time, as my order arrived very quickly. 

The first thing I noticed was how soft the shirt is. I mean, super, super soft. Like the kind of shirt I could live in, day in and day out! The faded blue body with dark blue cuffs and collar look great. It has a sort of cute girly look, complemented perfectly by the girl holding a pistol! Here's a "shot" (no pun intended) of me wearing the shirt, as well as a close-up.

The close up looks a little faded, but it is simply my camera. After several washings, the shirt has retained it's shape, size and color just fine. I love wearing this out and about, and seeing the reaction on some people's faces! 
In addition to the shirt, I also received a Karate Girl magnet, and a Computer Girl magnet. Both very me, as any of my friends or family will tell you. These are now in a prominent spot on our refrigerator door :) 

One of my readers will receive a Girls Can't WHAT? 
shirt or tote bag in their choice of design!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Naturally With Whitney Farms Organic!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

As I shared in another post recently, our famiy has just started a garden. It was M, the youngest child's idea, but the whole family has pitched in. We are planting various flowers around our front porch, but the real pride and joy of M's heart is our little vegetable garden in the back yard. We have peppers, tomatoes (I know, technically a fruit), corn, and onions. It's still in the beginning stages, but we are all thrilled at the prospect of growing some of our favorite vegetables.


Amazingly enough, just the fact that we're trying to grow our own veggies doesn't make them chemical free. So, we were concerned about finding organic plant food and organic soil, rather than using the normal chemical-loaded products. So many of the plant foods and soils that you find at the local lawn and garden store are not what you want your table foods "eating"! So, when I learned about Whitney Farms® recently, it was a real joy, although unfortunately too late to use for our garden this year. However, now that I know about it, this is what we will be using next year, when we plan to expand our garden. 109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

If you haven't planted your garden yet, be sure to use the $3.00 coupon off your next Whitney Farms® purchase, available on their website! Advertisement

Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

20 Second Fitness Week 3 Update

Well, I have made it to (and partially through) week 4 of 20 Second Fitness! Monday started my journey through the 2nd week of the actual program, after 2 weeks of warm-up. I have to say, this is one fitness program that I am enjoying more and more each day. 20 Second Fitness is so unlike many other programs I have tried. You know, you start out on a high note, and halfway through you're ready to quit (due to lack of visible progress or just boring or advanced techniques). Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so :) However, 20 Second Fitness not only delivers real results, but the workouts are fun, even though they're intense! I also like that you don't need to learn a bunch of fancy dance moves or intricate step patterns. It's basic, simple moves like crunches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and curls. The key is the intensity, and that's what makes 20 Second Fitness so unique! Anyways, I guess you'd rather hear the results of 3 1/2 weeks on the program, rather than me raving about how great it is, right?

So, for the weight and measurement updates. I'm down 2.6 pounds from my weigh-in last Monday. Can you say excited?! I'm seeing the results when I slip into a shirt that used to fit just right, and now it's a little loose! 
I've lost 1/2 inch off my waist since last Monday as well, so I am really excited about how well the program is going! Check back next Wednesday for another update about 20 Second Fitness.