Monday, March 26, 2012

Rent-Don't Buy-Your College Textbooks

First time college students are often surprised at all the costs associated with college life. While most expect to pay a lot of money for tuition and housing, many are shocked at the astronomical price of college textbooks. It is often hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks which will be only used for one semester and, for some, never opened again. Thankfully, many college students are discovering Campus Book Rentals which allows the students to rent the textbooks they need for class and simply return them one they are done. By renting the textbooks instead of buying, college students can save more than 50% off the cover price. Searching for your Chemistry Principles and Reactions textbook (or any other) has never been easier. Simply explore the database by ISBN, title, author, subject or keyword. After ordering the book arrives promptly to your front door. The shipping is free both ways so that you never get stuck with hefty postal charges. In fact, Campus Book Rentals makes the entire experience hassle free by allowing 15 or 30 day extensions on rented items so that you never have to worry about returning your book before the big final exam. Also, if for any reason, such as a dropped class, you decide to return your book within 30 days of ordering you will receive all your money back. The rental times are designed to fit the needs of college students and are available for a semester, quarter or summer basis. Save money on school by renting your textbooks today.


  1. thanks for this. I've written it down for next semester!

  2. Yes, this is the most affordable way to get text books. I will look into this site. Thank you for sharing.