Monday, March 26, 2012

House Cleaning and Decorating with Gallery Direct!

The past week has been a busy one here due to spring cleaning (if you've noticed I haven't been posting as frequently, this is why). After getting back from our week in Branson, we realized the house needed a major cleaning and makeover. Nothing big as far as the makeover, but a couple rooms got rearranged. The cleaning, however, took several days to complete. My main job was the kitchen, and it really needed every bit of scrubbing and organizing it received! I have no idea how all the little plastic containers ended up at the back of our pantry, or why we even have so many! 

Anyways, after clearing out so much junk, and scrubbing till the rooms looked spotless (for a few days anyways :) I decided it was time to add a little something. Sort of a gift for all the hard work, so I did some spring cleaning-in, rather than out this time! A new wall-hanging would be just the thing. And where better to turn for that new piece of art than my old friend, Gallery Direct?!

I chose another landscape piece by artist Jon Eric Narum, who also painted the first piece I ever received from Gallery Direct. I ordered the Guanajuato Sun, which is an absolutely stunning landscape with the sun bursting out over the clouds, and shining on a clear blue river lined with trees. This is a breathtaking scene that really catches your eye, and draws you in. I picked it in the floater frame canvas, which makes the actual print really stand out. 

After getting the cleaning and arranging done, we picked out the perfect place to hang it-above a bookshelf in the study.

Looks nice, huh?! I am certainly pleased, as it adds some beauty to an otherwise dull-looking room. 
If you're in the middle of spring cleaning, or just want a new piece of art to hang, check out Gallery Direct today!

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