Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Clipix Organized For Free!

Want a fun, free way to organize your online life? Then you should try Clipix! Clipix is an absolutely free service for anyone and everyone who wants to keep their internet browsing organized and "filed".  I signed up for a free clipix account and added the "clip" button to my toolbar. This makes it easy to clip any article, recipe, page or item for sale and keep it neatly filed away for future reference.  There are a ton of uses for Clipix, including the ones mentioned above. 


I also made a clipboard on Clipix for gift ideas for my family. This makes birthday and holiday shopping so easy! I have started clipping different toys, games, books, clothing and more that I think my family would enjoy as gifts. Here's a picture of part of my family gift idea clipboard.




I also learned that you can get the Clipix app for your iPhone, which means you can take your clipboards on the go with you! You can also set your clipboards to private for personal use, or share them with friends or even the whole clipix community. Once you organize your clipboards you can share them on Twitter or Facebook with the simpler click of a button located at the top of each clipboard! 



Check out Clipix for yourself (remember it's free!) and tell me what you would use or are using it for!

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  1. That is neat! I'll have to check that out. Thank you. :)

  2. Clipix is so neat! I can't believe it's Free. I definitely need to get organized and will be using Clipix to do that! :)