Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SFF #21 Celtic Ring Review!!

As I type this post, I have a beautiful new ring on my finger that is quite the attention-getter. No, it's not a huge band or stone, or a really bright color that draws attention. It's just a very elegant, lovely ring that is rather unique. It hails all the way from Ireland, a company called Celtic Wedding Rings
(And no, in case you're wondering, I haven't gotten married recently :)

Celtic Wedding Rings offered me the chance to review one of their Birthstone Claddagh Rings. Obviously I chose the ring for my birth month, December. The December ring features a Blue Topaz stone embedded in the middle. I was able to use the online ring sizer to find the perfect size. (My past couple online ring orders didn't turn out so well, as it appears sizes change with some companies). When the ring came in, I was very pleased to find that it fit perfectly! I'm getting ahead of myself though :)
The ring arrived well packaged, and in a little padded ring box for safekeeping. It's a very pleasing presentation for an absolutely lovely ring! 

2 hands hold the heart-shaped Blue Topaz in place, which is topped by a crown. It's very feminine, and very pretty! I have received so many compliments while wearing this ring; not just about how pretty it is, but the unique design as well. Of course, I'm proud to tell people that it's a genuine Claddagh ring from Ireland!

If you're looking for a special new ring or other piece of jewelry, check out Celtic Wedding Rings today! Or, if you're getting married soon (or just need a new wedding ring) you can't get any more beautiful piece than from Celtic Wedding Rings!

"The unmatched craftsmanship and beauty of Celtic jewelry makes a distinctly stunning impression. Celtic rings and pendants make ideal wedding gifts because they embody a rich history and signify an unbreakable bond between hearts. Claddagh rings and Celtic engagement rings are just some of the trademark pieces of Celtic jewelry that we carry. In addition, our Celtic wedding rings otherIrish wedding rings and Claddagh rings allow couples to express their love with matchless elegance."


  1. oh my that is a beautiful ring! The stone color is so pretty! I Love Celtic rings and pendants! Great review, Thank You!

  2. Oh that's a beautiful ring. And the presentation really adds so much.

  3. I'd love to have a ring like this for my September birthday. So very pretty!

  4. What a pretty ring! They have some amazing items on their website.