Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby.

My sister and I both love to bake. We recently started baking a lot of cupcakes. We have been experimenting with different flavors and fillings. We both only work part time, and we both could use some extra money, so we had the idea of starting to sell our cupcakes online. It would be like an online bakery and we were going to call it “Baby Cakes.” We had to do a lot of research about what all was involved with starting an online business. We knew that we needed to start by designing a website. My dad told me to search “t1 internet” online to find information for setting up internet for small businesses. Once we got all of the logistics taken care of, we were so happy to start posting all of our different cupcakes on our website. This is by far the most fun job I have ever had. However, it is really hard not to sample all of our products. If I am not careful, I will have to be starting a weight loss business too.

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  1. How neat! Congratulations on the new business. I LOVE Cupcakes! I will check out t1 Internet for help with the internet for our business. THANKS! :)