Friday, January 13, 2012

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You may have heard of the dispute going on between Walgreens and Express Scripts  for the past year. I must confess I had not heard anything about it until just recently. It seems that the Express Scripts program has refused to extend their contract with Walgreens, so any members of the program are having to go farther afield, as it were, and find a new pharmacist to fill their prescriptions. Not only that, but with Walgreens being the largest 24-hour pharmacies in the country, for those who work long hours or have hectic schedules (and who doesn't?), finding the time to visit the new pharmacy may be more difficult than in the past. And, with all these negative aspects, Express Scripts has also stated that members will not see any significant savings from their excluding Walgreens! You can read the press release about Walgreens and Express Scripts here.

As if that were not enough, our military is also caught in the middle of this debate. Tricare (health and prescription drug program for our military) is one of Express Scripts clients. Walgreens went so far as to guarantee the lowest prices of any pharmacy in the Tricare program, and to contract separately for the Tricare program, but Express Scripts refused both of these negotiations. 

After being excluded from the Express Scripts program, Walgreens came up with their own way to help their customers. Joining the Prescription Savings Club will give you a special discount on annual membership. Check out the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens for more details.

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