Friday, January 13, 2012

Riding Horses

I love horses. From the time I took riding lessons as a child, I was hooked on riding! As a teenager I was able to help out at a local stable, and the owner graciously allowed my sister and me to ride whenever we wanted. That was a lot of fun; she had 2 Morgans that were very sweet, and would do just about anything (I even tried jumping a few times). Fortunately we were allowed to use the horseback riding gear at the stable, rather than purchasing our own. 

However, we eventually moved away, and there were no stables around. But, our new home did have a rather beat-up barn on it's own, so of course we got the brilliant idea of buying our own horse. We fixed up the barn, and kept an eye out in local papers. Soon we ended up with a retired Standardbred, and a few months later, a Paso Fino-Arabian cross. Can you say Dream-Come-True?! Of course, then we needed to purchase our own saddles, bridles and even horse riding clothing.
We never competed in any shows or anything where we would need tweed coats or jodhpurs, but we did have a lot of fun riding those horses around in the woods in back of our house. 


  1. I have never much been around horses, but have always loved the style of riding clothes! How lucky that you grew up riding...Are you going to have a giveaway for a horse?

  2. Horses are beautiful! I have never owned one but I love to watch horse shows.

  3. Sometimes the most fun can be had by riding around the woods in the backyard! I know my best rides have been that way!