Saturday, January 7, 2012

Insulation For Winter

Hey friends, we've been experiencing a beautiful winter so far (I'm told it's actually colder in FL right now than up here in the midwest!). However, the temperature has still dipped below freezing several times in the past month or so. I guess one of the most important things to consider when approaching the winter months, is how to winterize your home. Having lived in the south for many years, it's honestly not something I was accustomed to doing much. 

But, even though I wasn't used to winterizing our home, it was something we did regularly with our RV. Even in Florida, the temperature gets cold enough to freeze RV pipes. So it was imperative for us to drain every last drip of water from the camper pipes, and use some anti-freeze-type-liquid in the system. 

One year, we had a free winterizing service at a local RV dealer/service center. Of course, we thought this was great, as it would save us some time and effort. What we didn't know though, was the mechanic was rather...shall we say...lazy. He did a minimum effort job, which meant that not only was there still water in the lines, but he never used the anti-freeze either! Needless to say, come spring, we realized that we were better off doing the job ourselves, or finding a more reputable dealer!

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  1. We live in Iowa and have a relatively warm winter this year. However, in years past some of our friends have had pipes freeze and we know that insulation is very important.