Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crowd Control

Normally when you think of crowd control, you think of events and special uses. Lines for amusement park rides, entrance to a special event or concert, or other like places. Although I don't personally attend them, I have seen barricades in place when a big event was coming to a local city. For example, I have been on Beale Street and seen the entire road blocked off with barricades.

However, although these are the type of event I think of when I hear the term crowd control, many of our normal, day-to-day shopping centers and other places of business use some form of control. Take your local bank for instance. Most banks use stanchions to keep people in an orderly line.

Another common place you'll see crowd control being implemented is with political events. Of course, here you normally see the fancy posts and velvet ropes, but it is still just a form of keeping the crowd in line!

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  1. Very interesting. I never thought about how many places really use crowd control is used.

  2. I like those crowd control metal bars they put out with a velvet rope; reminds me of Hollywood or super exclusive night clubs.