Saturday, December 10, 2011

SGSG-Wonder Forge Family Games Review and Giveaway!!

Our family loves games. We have game night at least once a week, and when we have friends visiting-it usually turns into game time too! Of course we have some favorites, but we also enjoy trying new games. Games also make great gifts, and if you're in the market for new family games or a game for your child, you should check out Wonder Forge!

I received 2 games from Wonder Forge for review; Mythbusters, and  Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Airport. The games came in right before Thanksgiving, and since we had friends over, it was a great time to try it out! After our big Thanksgiving dinner (and a nap :) it was time for Mythbusters! I really enjoy trivia games, so this is right up my alley. Based on the Mythbusters tv show, the games includes 400 science trivia cards. It's basically your normal trivia game, where you earn points based on the questions you answer correctly. But there's a small twist. If you answer right, then it's time to load Buster into the catapult, aim him at a target, and fire! If Buster hits a target, then you score! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun playing Mythbusters! At first one of our visiting friends was on a winning streak, but eventually My Mom won! However, we all enjoyed the game, and even learned a few facts along the way! To me, educational games make for the best play time!

M prepares to ask a question
The Busy, Busy Airport game is designed for children ages 3+, and since we don't have any that young, we played this with the visiting children. This is a very unique game in that you set up the game all over the room. It's not just your average board game! The kids had a lot of fun "flying" passengers to their destinations, and collecting souvenirs along the way. The children get to load and unload their passengers (characters from Richard Scarry), and zoom around the room on the way to their destination. I really liked that this game promotes creativity and imagination in children. It's not the typical "roll the die, move the game piece", but it's a fun, active game that kids everywhere will enjoy!


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