Friday, December 2, 2011

No More Mess With Tea Bag Buddy!

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How many of you enjoy drinking hot tea? I love a hot cup of tea in the evening, especially with the cold weather coming on! The one thing I don't like about making tea is the unavoidable mess when removing the tea bag(s), and straining the drops of liquid from a used tea bag.  I recently heard about a new product that sounds like the perfect solution though- the Tea Bag Buddy! This new item is a unique way to solve your tea-making problems, whether you (like me) don't like the mess, or if you can't get your tea to stay hot enough while brewing! 

The Tea Bag Buddy is a silicone circle-shaped item that has a slit for your tea bag string. No more wrapping your string around a spoon, or burning your fingers while trying to catch the string! The circle sits over your mug (or tea pot mouth) and traps the steam and heat, thus keeping your tea hot for the perfect brewing temperature and maximum flavor. (Nothing tastes worse than a cup of weak, half-brewed tea). After brewing, you can also hold the used tea bag in the Buddy, to keep your table or counter clean. The Tea Bag Buddy sounds like a great tool for any tea-lover!

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