Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Passion for Gift Cards.

Today I have a post for you that is sponsored by Social Moms and Gift Cards Rock. With the holidays approaching fast there is always the rush of finding last minute gifts. And with how much I don't like going out into the holiday rush, this is a wonderful time to purchase gift cards. I like giving them and I especially like getting them:) Below I have given some tips about ways to give gift cards. Hopefully you enjoy reading these and you can get some ideas for yourself.

1.Use These in A Gift Basket. 
I like making gift baskets. Whether they are for a friend or a neighbor, gift cards are great additions! These are not very personal but if you know someones likes or dislikes, you can easily get one of these to fit their gift list. For children there is always Toys R Us and K'Mart. So make a basket with some toys or a doll and then slip in a gift card. They will love it! For adults there are so many opportunities with gift cards. For your coffee lover you can take a basket and put in a mug and some coffee. Then maybe put in a small inspirational book and to top it off, add a gift card to a local coffee shop or an online coffee store.

2.Great for Hostess Gifts.
These make wonderful gifts for the people who you don't really know or maybe when you host a party. For those who like to give a small gift to your postal worker or UPS driver, these are excellent! You can give a $10 gift card and they know they are appreciated and they get to pick something out for themselves.

3.So Diversified.
My top reason for buying a gift card is that the receiver can pick out whatever they would like. You have no worries about someone not liking your gift or having to give them a receipt so they can return it if there is a problem or it isn't the right size. Give your mother a gift card to Bath and Body Works and let her pick out her favorite bath products. Send a gift card to your brother and he gets to choose what he wants to get from Kohl's. No better way!

So, if you are searching for the gift that is just right, gift cards are the way to go. If you are short on time, you can pick them up at your local grocery store as most of them carry a whole case of gift cards. I for one will be watching this Gift Cards Rock page as they have some good deals listed on there right now. Like them and you can see what they have!

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  1. I also like to give and receive gift cards. My favorite is restaurant gift cards, because to me it is luxury to go to a nice restaurant. I like your idea about putting the gift cards in a gift basket!

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  2. I am so grateful for gift cards. For my teenage niece and nephew, it is so much better to give them gift cards than get something they may not like.

  3. I love receiving gift cards, and I know many of the people we buy gift cards for enjoy receiving them also. There are so many different types of cards available that it still can be personalized, even though the recipient gets to choose their gift.

  4. I love getting gift cards, I can use them any time of the year and not just around the holidays.