Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spreading Holiday Cheer #HasbroKREOSets

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching (can you believe it's only a week from tomorrow?!) and then after that, of course, Christmas, a certain joy seems to fall over our nation. This time of year is my favorite "season" for various reasons. Of course, the holiday mood doesn't just come by itself: we have to help it along, and share the festive cheer with those around us. 

While searching for the perfect gift this year, keep in mind a new toy recently released by Hasbro; the KREO transformers sets.
1. There are several reasons I think these would make great gifts, but what first caught my eye is that although the KREO line of toys are designed for ages 6 and up, even teens and adults will enjoy these unique transformer construction sets. 

2. In addition to that, you have a variety to choose from. With 12 sets available, that start out at just $7.99, it's perfect for every budget. Each set allows your child (or you) to construct one of two models. Many of the sets also come with a unique figure to add more enjoyment to play time!

3. What I like best about the KREO sets though is that they're also compatible with other leading brick-based play sets. So your child can combine them with other brick-building toys; no need to purchase a whole new system!

And, since there is more to the holiday season than just presents, I thought I would also share some ways I like to "set the mood" for holiday cheer. 

One way I like to do this is by using pine or evergeen scented candles and room sprays throughout the house. Maybe it's just me, but nothing says "It's the holidays!" like pine fragrance!

Family-and-friend get togethers are also a big part of our holiday season. We often share a Thanksgiving meal with special friends, and generally end up spending the entire day just relaxing (once the cooking is all done :) playing games, and enjoying each other's company. 

Of course, while setting the mood for holiday cheer, you can't forget the music. Christmas music is so beautiful, and there are so many awesome songs for this time of year! My absolute favorite is "Mary, Did You Know"; it is such a powerful song!

As we get into the gift-giving season, I also like to bake some goodies to share with family and friends. One of my favorites is banana bread; I add in all sorts of treats (walnuts, pecan, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips...the list is endless) and then make numerous batches to give our friends. We also enjoy making frosted sugar cookies, and the kids like to get in on the decorating. Cookie cutters to create special shapes, colored frostings, and various sprinkles and toppings make our cookie-baking a fun, family event.

How about your family? What are your favorite ways to prepare for and share the holiday cheer? Please comment and let me know!

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  1. I also like to play holiday music to put everyone in the mood. Also, baking is a great idea but since I usually end up being too lazy to bake much, I like to put out holiday scented candles like gingerbread scent.