Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping At Auto Dealers

A few months ago we decided to upgrade our vehicle. We have a nice Explorer that runs great, but it gets a little tight on long rides, and as much as we travel, it made it somewhat difficult. There is hardly any trunk space, and it's a little snug for fitting 3 people in the back seat. So, after considering our options, we decided a Suburban would be the perfect vehicle for our family, and started looking at nearby dealerships, and checking the local papers. 

When we found a Suburban that sounded just right for our family-low miles, reasonable price and good condition-we drove down to check it out. The car dealer was located a little over an hour away, but it was worth the drive. Although the Suburban is a few years old, it had been kept in great condition, and had lower mileage than any other one we had found. What really sold us on this specific vehicle, though, was the helpful employees at this particular dealership. The manager was willing to work with us on the price, and was very honest and forthcoming about any problems with the Suburban. After a few days of consideration and prayer, we went ahead with the purchase. Everything went smooth, and we headed home with our new vehicle. When we had a small hitch with the title/tag transfer, all we had to do is call the salesman, and he got us set up and straightened out in no time! We are really enjoying our great new Suburban!

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