Friday, November 4, 2011

SGSG-Photo Art People Canvas Review and Giveaway!!

The gift idea I'm going to share with you today is, honestly, one of my favorites. It is very unique, and would make the perfect gift for anyone. And no, it's not "just" another canvas print shop. It's so much more! I was contacted by Photo Art People about doing a review and giveaway, and of course I said yes as I love photo gifts.  Bill offered to send me a canvas with their brand new technique called "Reflections of You". When he explained exactly what this technique was, I thought it sounded beautiful. For example, if your son or daughter plays soccer, a picture of them on the field can be used for the background, with a portrait shot in the corner. Or, if your parents are approaching their 50th anniversary, use their wedding photo for the background, and a recent picture for the color shot. 
When I saw the results of Reflections of You, I was overwhelmed! This specialty print requires 2 pictures; one for the background and one for a close-up shot. I emailed a couple pictures of our family on vacation earlier this year, when we were able to visit a Texas Longhorn ranch and actually ride a real Longhorn. It made for some great memories, and now through Photo Art People, we have a way of recalling that wonderful vacation. Without further ado, here is the final result: Little Bull Rider!

This is SO amazing!
The background photo is black and white- almost a pencil-drawing look, and it really makes the color photo stand out! The bull and little M look so big and lifelike against the backdrop! It is absolutely fabulous! Photo Art People is the ONLY place where you can find this awesome "Reflections of You" technology, and it is gorgeous! I also appreciated that the canvas came ready to hang. 

However, the print did not stay on my wall for's all wrapped and waiting for M to open next month! She will be so surprised and excited when she sees it!

Now, in addition to my response to Photo Art People and their awesome prints, you also have a chance to hear from a long-time customer (actually one of their first, since 2006). Carlee was gracious enough to send me her experience with PAP, and here it is:
"In 2005 my husband and I were married in Los Angeles. We were so excited to receive our wedding photos from the photographer and once we did we were so happy with them. In deciding what to do with the photos we figured out that we wanted one of them blown up  on canvas to hang in our bedroom. In searching for a vendor to blow this photo up we looked into several places and finally found The Photo Art People. I am so glad we found them! They blew up our first wedding photo in 2006 and since then they have done 18 different canvases for us including a large 40x40 collage of our children. The minute someone walks in my house they immediately complement on our huge wall of canvases, it is pretty spectacular! Bill has been wonderful and makes sure everything is perfect and that all orders are completed in a timely manner. Over the years we have gotten to know Bill and the photo art people and they have watched our family grow from 2 to four and from babies to young children. We could not be happier with their service and product! 

Several of our family members, including our parents have received gifts from us as canvases! The Photo Art People make it easy to give gifts with their 2 for 1 deal! We get one canvas to keep and automatically get another one to give as a gift to Grandma and is a no brainer!! As a result of these gifts we have turned on the entire extended family to the photo art people! Our parents have ordered in excess of 20 canvases and our siblings have ordered several canvases because everyone loves the look of them and the quality of the artwork. I would highly suggest someone to use the photo art people, I will warn you that if you get one I can guarantee that you will order another one in the future! 

Thanks again Bill! "

Wow! I'm a new customer and I'm very happy, and Carlee has been ordering from PAP for over 5 years-and she's extremely happy and satisfied too! I have to mention the speed with which I received my order too. My canvas shipped only a few days after sending Bill the photos, and I had it in about a week! 

HEY! Bill is offering my readers the chance to take advantage of their 2-for-1 deal. Order a canvas print (any size, etc.) and receive a 2nd print (the exact same canvas) absolutely FREE! This would be awesome for holiday gifts, and it's a deal I've never seen anywhere else! Simply enter 2for1 in the promo field during checkout! Or you can receive 30% a single canvas order; enter HLedfe30 at checkout. May not be combined with any other codes or discounts.

One of my readers will receive a Photo Art People Canvas Print!!


  1. I have seen these photo canvas prints and they are really something! It's hard to really describe in words, but once you see and hold one you instantly realize they are special. My friend gave one as a Christmas gift last year and she said it was the gift everyone couldn't stop talking about! It brought tears to her mom's eyes, she said. She is not sure how she is going to top that this Christmas!

  2. i love that they can take a regular photo maybe an old portrait not a digital copy and put that image onto canvas. so fun!
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  3. Hanging a photo on the wall is not nearly as elegant as seeing it displayed on canvas. Everyone has memories they cherish, including the most hard to buy for people and how can giving someone their cherished memories be a bad gift?

  4. I think a photo canvas would be terrific for either my wall of family photos or as a gift for my mom's wall of family photos. :-)

    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  5. I love canvas photos! spicyweddings at (gmail)dot com

  6. I think it gives a gift that keeps on giving. Photos are memories that last a lifetime and what a better way to showcase it!


  7. Bill here, from PhotoArt People. Hazel's post about memories that last a lifetime got me to thinking. Our canvas prints last 100 if Teddy Roosevelt's great great great great grandchild had a photo canvas of Teddy made back then, it would just be starting to fade a little bit today, after 100 years. Wierd, I know...

  8. Wow...they would make a great gift because they are beautiful. I am sure my mom would cry if I made one of my son and gave it to her. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I think a canvas from PAP would be a great gift because they are a beautiful way to keep a special memory alive!

  10. I think a canvas would be a great gift because you can personalize it specifically to the person receiving the gift.

    ra1hbread84 at yahoo dot com

  11. These look great and I think my parents would love one with the grandkids as a gift!

  12. I think it's very unique, and a gift that will last a long time! 2 things that make it a #1 gift!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  13. A picture on canvas makes any picture feel like a family heirloom! (Corey Olomon)(