Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nursing Pins

I recently discovered a really neat site that offers a great collection of pins and lanyards, even some really cute nursing pins. If you have a friend who is a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Licensed Practical Nurse, then why not give them one of these lovely gold pins? What a great way to show your appreciation and support of their nursing! These would make a lovely addition to a nursing uniform, and are perfect for a nurse to show their pride in their job. The pins are a beautiful gold color that will stand out no matter your uniform.
In addition to nursing career-related pins and lanyards, you can also find cute little decorative pins for a variety of interests and hobbies. I browsed their collection, and found several that are quite adorable. For example, this Florence Nightingale pin would be perfect for my little sister M. She loves history, and especially enjoys learning about heroic women of the past such as Florence Nightingale. So, of course, I think this Florence Nightingale pin would be a perfect choice for her!

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  1. great idea. I have a friend who has a daughter just going into nursing; this would be good to pass along.