Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favorite Fresh Nature Scents #SeventhGenerationScents

Hey everyone, I'm back with another great blogging idea from SocialMoms, this time about fresh nature scents, and the memories they hold for me. I have to say, I am a big fragrance person, whether it's perfume, home aroma, etc. So this is a fun topic for me to write about! I really find it fascinating how a simple whiff of a certain fragrance can bring back special memories. A perfume that you wear to a special event, then becomes forever associated with that time and memory. 
One scent that really brings back special memories for me is cinnamon. Specifically, Snickerdoodle cookies! This scent is forever connected to my Mother teaching me how to bake. Cinnamon, sugar and vanilla blended together for more than just a sweet treat; it was a beautiful time of learning and enjoying time together. (And yes, we enjoyed the cookies too!)

When discussing my favorite scent from nature, though, it is without a doubt pine. I absolutely love it! Candles, fragrance oils, room spray, cleaning supplies; I am much more apt to pay a little extra if it has a natural pine scent. Of course, I love this time of year when everyone is using pine scents! This infatuation with pine probably started about 10 years ago, when we spent some time in northern Maine. Our backyard was full of nothing but pine trees, and I loved to make my own trails through the "forest", sit out under a tree and read, or ride our horse out back. Now whenever I smell pine, I feel like I am back in Maine, enjoying the outdoors.

Another fragrance I really enjoy is mint. Back when we had a garden, we grew some mint, and I loved to pull a leaf off and just hold it to my nose for a while. Now that we no longer grow mint, I enjoy finding products with a mint fragrance. My favorite shampoo and conditioner are, you guessed it-mint! I also love mint body washes, gum (won't chew anything else :) and again, cleaning supplies. There is something utterly invigorating with mint! It's a great way to wake up in the morning, using a mint shampoo..really gets you ready for the day!

Finally, I also enjoy citrus scents; especially orange and lemon. If I am the one picking out dish soap, you can guarantee it will be one of these two options!

How about you? What scents bring back special memories for you? Feel free to share!

"Scents are powerful. They can invigorate or intoxicate us; they can bring back memories, provide comfort, or transport us to faraway places. But when it comes to dish liquid, not all scents are created equal. That's why Seventh Generation has created a line of dish liquids featuring natural scents from real lemons, clementines and lavender. Seventh Generation’s Natural Dish Liquid scents come from fields not factories, and honor the careful hands that cultivated them.
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  1. Yes! Mint gives makes me feel refreshed. I also have a scent crush on pine. It's one of the great things about the holidays. Candles, fireplace, pine, freshly baked cookies. The holidays really take my nose for a fun ride.