Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get Credit Card Payment Processing!

If you run a business, even from your home, then you may be in need of credit card payment processing services. I recently heard about Mercury Pay, which appears to be a great company for these services. Although I am not familiar with the average credit card payment processing services (not being a business owner), I was very impressed with what I saw on Mercury Pay's website.

First off, I like how the focus seems to be on the customer. Everything is centered around making it easier for businesses to process their payments! 

Second, Mercury Pay offers live 24/7 support in case you have any trouble or questions. Customer service is even available on holidays! I am sure this is extremely helpful for business owners and retailers!

Lastly, Mercury Pay offers a great quantity of services for retailers and merchants.  Just a few I noticed include transaction reporting, pharmacy solution to help druggists meet any new IRS requirements for accepting health benefit plans as payment. MP also monitors POS credit card processing and electronic transactions so merchants aren't stuck with a fraudulent payment!

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