Monday, November 14, 2011

Find Plus Size Dresses at Roamans!

Do you need help finding a plus size dress? I have been looking for holiday gifts lately, and thought a dress would be a great idea. I was excited to discover Roamans, where you can find dresses from a size small 12, all the way up to 5X! 

Roamans has a great selection (2 pages!) of dresses available. Since I wear dresses quite frequently for Church, I spent some time browsing for myself, as well as looking for the perfect gift. I really like the look of this empire waist dress.

However, my favorite styles are the dress and jacket sets. (Remember I told you I love pairing jackets or blazers with skirts/dresses!). I thought this outfit was adorable, with a removable cape. I just love the pointed bodice, and the flared skirt!

One of these (or choose from the multitude of other plus size apparel Roamans offers) would be a great gift this holiday season. What woman doesn't love getting new clothes?! My family jokes that my hobby is collecting clothes, but I honestly just like having a variety to pick from. 

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