Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cosmetic Dentistry Nightmares!

My Dad was a dental assistant in the military back in the 80's (I was actually born at an Air Force Base). He would often share stories about funny happenings and odd dentistry jobs he had to perform. One story that I heard quite frequently growing up has to be a dentist's worst nightmare! It is really funny (now that it's over) so I thought I'd share it with you. 

Once upon a time (sorry, I couldn't resist :) there was a dental assistant (my Dad!) in the Air Force. One evening right before he left work, a teenage boy came in with a front tooth that was literally sticking straight out of his mouth. He had been playing basketball with friends, and someone elbowed him in the mouth as he went up for a jump shot. Of course as this was an emergency, they brought him in right away and wired the tooth back in to it's proper position. The boy was then told to avoid any sports (especially basketball) for a couple weeks while his mouth healed. Problem solved, everyone went home happy.

The very next night, my Dad received a page to come into work. Imagine his surprise to see the same teenager back in the dentist's chair-with (you guessed it) the very next tooth sticking straight out of his mouth! Yep, another basketball accident! After a tedious job of wiring the tooth back in (without destroying their work from the night before), both dentist and assistant strongly urged the young man to stay away from the basketball court! 

The moral of the story? Be careful playing basketball-and obey your dentist!

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