Saturday, November 19, 2011

#ChiTAG Fun Today!

Hey everyone! I just got done at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG) and wanted to encourage any of my readers to visit! This is an awesome event, and is actually the largest public toy/game fair in the US! It is something you don't want to miss, and is a great place to shop for holiday gifts :) I discovered several new games and toys today, and will be posting a review of one of them next week. (A new game by the makers of one our family's favorite games-Wits and Wagers!). Here are a few pictures of my fun trip today:

Matt at the North Star Games booth! 
A new techie game that turns your iPad into a game board

Me at the Buffalo Games booth; they have some really awesome games!

There's a kid in this CitiBlocs tower!!
The ChiTAG fair runs through tomorrow, so if you get a chance this afternoon or maybe tomorrow after Church, stop by for a fun time the whole family will enjoy!

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  1. Looks like a fun event. What could be a happier group of people than one gathered to celebrate games!