Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips For Keeping Your Family Flu Free! #LysolColdandFlu

As the weather turns cooler, many of us are preparing to do battle with the dreaded colds and flus. Especially in a family of 8, when one of us catches a cold it ends up going though the entire family! So we consider it extremely important to keep everyone healthy! Here are a few tips I have to help you and your family stay healthy through the cold fall and winter months.
1. Keep your medicine cabinet or pantry well-stocked with Vitamin C. We usually buy this in bulk. This is the best method we have discovered for boosting the immune system and keeping the kids flu-free! Our Pastor actually introduced us to this-when everyone in Church starts coming down with a cold, he takes a few Vitamin C a day, and never gets sick! I have done this many times since, and if I feel the slightest bit of a sore throat, itchy eyes, sneezing-it's time to pull out the Vitamin C!
2. Try to avoid extreme temperatures. Yes, we all know the extreme cold is bad for you, but going from a heated house to cold outdoors and then back into a hot car is just begging for a cold to come calling! Keep the house (and car) warm, but don't overdo it! 
3. Keep hand sanitizer handy at all times. I like to carry it in my purse, as well as having some in the vehicle, house, camera bag-anywhere I might need it, I like to stash it! This is a great tool for cleaning hands after being in a high-traffic area (shopping carts, playgrounds-although these aren't used much during cold weather; even shaking hands with other people). I also like keeping disinfectant hand wipes in my purse and the car for whenever necessary.
4. Teach your kids to wash their hands before eating anything, before leaving the restroom, etc. This isn't just about staying healthy, it's common cleanliness too!
5. Clean the house! Wipe down and disinfect counters and other areas. Wash bedding on a regular basis, and air out the house! Even when it's cold, opening those windows for a few hours can help get the germs out and fresh air in!
6. Make sure the whole family is equipped with cold-weather clothing and gear. Don't let Johnny go play in the snow in sneakers! He's sure to come back inside with half frozen feet, and a cold on it's way. Even for adults this is important; be sure to have plenty of jackets, sweaters, warm boots, gloves, scarves, etc. before the extreme cold hits!

How about your family? Do you have any hints for us to avoid the common cold and flu this season? Please share; we can all incorporate new ideas into our wannabe-healthy-families!

About Lysol
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