Friday, October 21, 2011

Plus Size Suits For Women!!

Do you like wearing suits? Although I don't wear pants, I do often wear skirtsuits, or just pair a blazer or jacket over my skirt. My mother has (more than once) commented on the fact that I prefer a business-like look rather than floral prints, and other more "girly" looks. So, for any of my readers who like the same style, I'd like to introduce you to Jessica London, where you can purchase plus size suits at a very reasonable cost.

I browsed their selection of skirtsuits available, and they have some beautiful sets! They range from simple yet stylish, to suits with a little more frill. You can also find dress suits, that have a jacket to go over the dress. I have a few dress-suits of my own, and really like how they look!

This is a great place to shop online for all your suiting needs. Although I have never purchased from Jessica London, I have shopped at some of their sister sites, and was very pleased with the pricing and quality. Whether it's for business, Church, or just a nice outfit for going out to dinner, skirtsuits are my favorite way to go!


  1. Looks like a nice place to get a suit. I only have a couple of suits for special occasions, but I love wearing a suit jacket over a dress.

  2. I enjoy wearing suits to work and church. Looks like they have some nice ones.