Monday, October 3, 2011

Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children! Review

If your children attend school-or play with other children, for that matter-then there is a fear of head lice. Thankfully the kids have never had to deal with it, but we are still careful and take precautions. One such precaution that I just learned about a couple weeks ago is an awesome hair care line just for children! Fairy Tales carries products for lice prevention and for curing a lice problem. I received several of their products for review; the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Styling Gel. 

Of course M was very impressed with the cute castle theme (she is the princess in our family :) and was anxious to try these out. I was impressed because all Fairy Tales products are sulfate and paraben free, which means they're better for M's hair! This is a natural way to repel head lice! After using them, M remarked how good they smelled (I agree-they have a nice, natural lavender fragrance). She also said it was very easy to comb out her hair afterwards. The shampoo lathered up very easily, and the conditioner leaves her hair (which is very fine and prone to tangle very quickly) soft and smooth. Adding a couple sprays of the leave-in conditioner completes the hair care routine, making M's hair look, feel and smell nice-while repelling lice at the same time! Of course she also had fun playing with the styling gel. Whether it is to keep her curls in place or just add some hold to a ponytail or braid, it works great.

"Fairy Tales Hair Care was created over 20 years ago in the Fairy Tales Salon in Hewlett, NY. For years, parents would ask the stylists what were these products that made their children’s hair so soft and manageable. But our stylists just smiled and said it was our secret recipe! The Fairy Tales Hair Care line was launched nationally in 1999 with great success! Within one week of our launch, Rosie O’ Donnell was showing off her bottle of Rosemary Repel Shampoo on her talk show. We were a hit! Parents and kids love these natural products loaded with organic herbs to cleanse, condition style and most importantly, help repel hair lice.
Our Rosemary Repel® line is infused with organic herbs of rosemary, citronella, lavender, and tea tree oil – all fragrances which have been shown to help repel lice. A study done in the Israeli Medical Journal showed that citronella was the most effective herb- but we already knew that! Our products were independently tested and proven to be nearly 100% effective when used together and according to instructions. Our Lice Good-Bye uses all natural yeast enzymes to dissolve nit “glue” and break down the skeletal system of a louse and nit (egg) – a much more effective treatment than products such as Rid or Nix."

For more information about Fairy Tales, or for helpful facts about head lice, visit the Fairy Tales website today!

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