Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Become Beauty Colour Therapy Masks Review and Giveaway!!

Do you remember my review of an awesome body scrub by Become Beauty a couple months ago? I recently received another great product from Become; the Colour Therapy Masks! This is a set of 6 masks, 2 of each color/type.  Pink is the Rejuvenating mask, Green is Relaxing, and Orange is for Revitalizing. 

These are by far my favorite masks ever, for a few different reasons. First, I liked the ease of use. Every other mask I have tried is dripping wet, and leaves my face feeling drenched (for lack of a better word). These ones, though, while they definitely hydrate and moisturize, are made with almost a gel. So while you get all the benefits, you don't have liquid dripping down your face and neck. I also enjoyed the shape/design, as it fit my face better than many other brands.

Don't laugh! The results were well worth it :)
The Relaxing/Green mask was my favorite of the 3, although they each delivered great benefits. I have been using these once a week, trading out each type. It is so relaxing to just lay back and leave these cooling masks on for 15 minutes. Not only does it mean I'm sitting down for a few minutes :) but afterwards I feel totally refreshed and my skin is soft and smooth. These are a treat that every woman should try!

"Scientific studies show that different colors bring about different emotional reactions. Color therapy is used to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking physically + emotionally.
Most masks work by extracting toxins FROM your skin. Our Color Therapy Masks are different as they infuse nutrients INTO your skin. Just sit back and let them do the work!"

Become is giving a pack of Colour Therapy Masks to one of my readers! And 10 runner-up winners will receive a Weekender Sampler Kit!


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