Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amy's Kitchen Organic Frozen Meals Review!!

I have a really awesome company to share with you all today. While I love eating healthy, and try to incorporate whole grains, and natural or organic foods into our diet, sometimes our schedule is just too rushed to fit in cooking a healthy meal. I'm sure many of you with busy families run into the same problem. Well, I finally found a solution-Amy's Kitchen! Amy's provides you with a natural, organic alternative to fast food or microwave meals that are full of nasty ingredients. And they taste delicious! I received a few coupons so I was able to choose the items for my review. Our nearest Wal-Mart just started carrying a small selection of Amy's Kitchen frozen foods, so I was able to find them locally. It was hard to decide on just a couple for my review, but I finally went with the Tortilla Casserole and Black Beans Bowl, and Vegetable Lasagna. I ate the Casserole first. This is gluten-free, and made with organic tomatoes, black beans and vegetables. Unlike many organic "good-for-you" foods, this tasted great! I even liked the black beans, which are not something I eat normally. The sauce was very tasty, and the cheese added a nice topping. I was also impressed with the portion size; many of the healthy meals seem to skimp on the amount of food, but not Amy's! 

I made the vegetable lasagna for dinner a couple days later. I have only had veggie lasagna a few times before, and although I liked it, most of the family didn't. So it was nice to find a way to have it myself, without having a ton of leftovers go to waste. Amy's lasagna is made with organic vegetables and pasta, and once again, this was delicious! Plenty of sauce and cheese, and packed with veggies!

Don't you want to try some? Amy's has many other frozen meals, pizzas, salsa, snacks, soups, pasta sauces and more! Use the store locator to find where they are in your area!

"Our first product, a vegetable pot pie, was an instant success.
Other products followed in rapid succession, and we made the amazing discovery that they were being eaten not only by vegetarians and those interested in natural foods, but by millions of people looking for easy to prepare meals that really tasted good.
Since then Amy’s has created over 88 frozen meals, including pizzas, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, entrĂ©es, snacks and whole meals. In 1999, we introduced a grocery line that now includes canned soups, beans and chili as well as jarred pasta sauces and salsas. Our foods are carried by all natural food stores, supermarkets and some club stores in the United States, Canada and abroad.
Although we have considerably expanded our production facilities and the number of people we employ, we have remained a family owned and operated business, sensitive to the needs of our customers.
In spite of the fact that many companies now produce similar products, Amy’s is still #1 in popularity and sales. Our total commitment to quality has made the difference."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Amy;s Kitchen website.

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