Tuesday, September 27, 2011

University Education Online

It seems that online college or university education is the big thing now. It certainly does seem to make getting a degree or furthering your education much easier, as you can work from home (or library nearby) rather than fighting with traffic, etc. WaldenU.edu is an online University that offers individual courses as well as degree programs. My sister has often discussed the possibility of taking nursing classes or midwifery, and while checking out Walden University's online degree programs, I noticed that this is one they offer. Being able to take the classes online would make it so easy for her to actually make this dream a reality!

For myself, I would be extremely interested in Criminal Justice (the computer/technology aspect has always fascinated me) or Forensics. Not exactly the most "girly" subjects, but since I was young I have always enjoyed reading how forensics and technology has helped law enforcement to solve crimes and apprehend the criminals. (I actually just bought a college textbook about forensics just to read in my free time).

Are you looking to attend a university online? What field(s) are you interested in? Walden University has a multitude of interests to choose from, and they're all available online! You can learn about Walden and request more information about the online education through their website!

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  1. Sounds like a great way to get a degree. Forensics does sound interesting, doesn't it? Good luck to your sis on nursing; that is a huge field to get into right now; great idea!