Monday, September 26, 2011

Trade Show Flooring

Do you ever attend trade shows? Fairs, carnivals or other event with exhibitors? My brothers enjoy gun shows (which are usually held outdoors) but us girls enjoy have been to other events inside where the exhibitors use trade show carpet. For example, at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, many of the game companies had their own logo mats in addition to the carpeting at their booth. This adds a nice touch of personality to a booth, and really provides extra advertising for the exhibitor.
Did you know there is also trade show flooring you can purchase, with your logo or company name printed directly on the flooring? This is a great idea to draw people's attention to your company or a specific product!
On the occasion that I accompany my brothers to a gun or knife show, a logo canopy always catches my eye. Usually these draw your attention well before you get to the booth. These are a great advertisement method, promoting your company or logo. These are very commonly seen at fairs and carnivals, too. 
Whatever type or style you decide to go with, adding your company logo or the name of your business to a mat, carpet, flooring or canopy is a great way to boost your advertising!

I wrote this post for Blogsvertise and Camelback Displays. All thoughts and opinions are mine; I have not purchased or received product/services from Camelback Displays. 

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