Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Steam Team Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX!

Do you live in the Austin, TX area? (One of my favorite places to visit, BTW). Do you need carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaned, or fire damage cleanup? I recently discovered yet another reason to love Texas (we all know there are numberless other reasons why Texas is an awesome state). Anyways, I just learned about The Steam Team, based in Austin, TX. This seems to be a really great company that offers all kinds of cleaning services. 

After browsing the website, I decided to check out reviews of customers. Of course every company shares favorable reviews on their site, but I googled for other customer comments and experiences-and every one I read was very positive! Whether it was a carpet they had cleaned, or something bigger like water extraction, each customer seemed to have a very good experience with the Steam Team. And they will service both homes or businesses. So, although I haven't personally used this company's services, from what I have seen they appear to be top-notch. 

The only downside I have seen to this company is that they are only local, in and around Austin. :) Why are these companies never near where I live?!
So anyways, if you're fortunate enough to live nearby, and you're looking for carpet cleaning in Austin, I would check out The Steam Team! 

I wrote this post for Blogsvertise and The Steam Team. All thoughts and opinions are mine; I have not purchased or received product/services from The Steam Team. 

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