Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OXY Skincare Review and Giveaway!!

Acne-a word that every teen (and many adults) dreads! For any of you who have children (or adults who suffer from acne) I recently reviewed a skincare system that produced great results! I received the OXY Clinical Acne Solutions Kit for review. This kit includes the Advanced Face Wash, Clinical Clearing Treatment and Hydrating Therapy. 

A simple 3-step system that you use twice a day; morning and evening. This is a 2-3 weeks supply, depending on how much you use. I let J use this, and he really liked it. (I also used it a couple times so I could get an idea of how it works, the results, etc.) The face wash is one of the best acne clearing cleansers I have ever used. The botanical extracts soothe your face, while the medication actually stays on your skin even after rinsing, to ensure you get the best acne/bacteria fighting power possible. The second step, the Clinical Clearing Treatment, is basically a spot treatment. I liked that it didn't leave behind any residue, like so many other spot treatments do. It clears up the acne without drawing attention to it! As much as I like the OXY system, I would recommend not using it without a good hydrator, since it is very drying (at least for my skin). However, there are no worries when you use the OXY Hydrating Therapy! This is a unique product because not only does it hydrate your skin, but it also exfoliates. That means no more clogged pores, dead skin cells, etc. It is non-comedogenic, so it moisturizes without adding to your oily skin problems.
Overall, I am extremely impressed with OXY Clinical Solutions. This is definitely a skincare system I will recommend to friends!

One of my readers will receive the OXY Clinical Solutions Pack!!


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