Wednesday, September 28, 2011

De-cluttering Your Childrens Playroom

Once again I have the opportunity to team up with SocialMoms and Hot Wheels  for another helpful, informative post. This one is an area we could all use some help in, so please feel free to comment and leave your own hints and tips! It's regarding de-cluttering and organizing your child's playroom-I said we all needed help!
1. My first hint is basic, yet we have to do it several times throughout the year. Clear out unused or unneeded toys! If Susie (or Johnny) hasn't played with it in months, then get rid of it!
2. Teach your child how to organize and keep the room or area clean. Mommy can't always go clean up after them, plus it teaches your child responsibility. And cleanliness, for that matter!
3. Have shelves that are labeled. A place for everything, and everything in it's place! It is much easier to keep toys organized when there is a specific place for each item.
4. Hang a net above the bed or some other place for stuffed toys and dolls. This is a huge necessity for the girls in our family! They have more dolls that Toys R Us!
5. Limit the toys your child has or collects. Don't let them get started collecting every toy imaginable; it makes it harder to clear them out later. Just tell them to pick a few types they'd like. For our girls, it's baby dolls, dollhouses and Breyer horses.
6. Use a dresser or storage drawer unit for assorted toys. Dollhouse accessories, Hot Wheels cars, doll clothes...all these fit perfectly in drawers!
7. Take advantage of other organizing tools. Under-the-bed, over-the-door, racks-there are so many options! Visit your local store and see what would wok best for your child's room.
8. If your child has a coloring area, make sure the crayons, markers and pencils are kept in a shoe bin or other container. We all know the crayon box never lasts long, so cut the problem off before it starts!
9. Avoid the normal toy box mess. Somehow these always end up simply hiding the mess, because inside is a total wreck! Unless if your children have certain toys that store well inside, I recommend not using these. When you want to clean out, organize and dispose of unused toys-talk about making your job harder than it needs to be!
10. Realize the playroom won't always look perfect. No, I'm not saying let the kids leave it a mess, but realize it is a playroom. It won't always look as nice as your living room. Children play in it. Keep it neat and organized, but don't necessarily ask for an impossibility!

Those are my tips for keeping your child's room organized. If you have any hints, please share them with me! And, if you have a boy (or girl) who likes Hot Wheels-then you'll be happy to know they just released a new toy. It's called Wall Tracks, and they keep the tracks and cars off the floor-and on the walls! They're powered by gravity, and kids can create race tracks, perform stunts and use these just like any other track-but it keeps the toys off the floor!

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  1. Great tips. Organizing really is the key, isn't it. Following this steps would make for neatly organized kids rooms.