Friday, September 9, 2011

Blue Cotton Custom Apparel Review!!

I absolutely love custom apparel. I love being able to design a t-shirt for myself or a family member. I practically live in t-shirts during the summer, so being able to promote or "show off" something I like is just plain nice! Recently I was given the chance to design some shirts from Blue Cotton. They graciously gave me a gift code for my review, so I was able to experience everything just like a "normal" customer :)
First of all, I browsed through the different items available. There are a variety of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, polo shirts, aprons, tote bags, athletic clothing, and much more to choose from! My first design was on a purple tee. I did front and back print on this one, which is something I've never been able to do before with other companies. (Usually they only offer me one-sided printing). On the back I put on of my favorite Bible verses, Colossians 2:14. On the front I added a clip-art Cross, the reference for the verse on the back, and a 3-word statement that really describes how I feel-"I've Been Blessed".

My second item I designed for my Mom. I uploaded a picture of her and my Dad from a trip they took last year. I was surprised to see the variety of options with photos; black and white, full color, or just a 2 or 3 color print.
This is a screenshot of my design on Blue Cotton. The actual shirt came out looking just as sharp!

Next I created a shirt with a picture of 2 of my heroes-Gen. Stonewall Jackson, and Gen. Robert E. Lee. Yep, I'm a "rebel"! :) Seriously though, these were Christian men that I greatly admire.

My last shirt I designed for M, and uploaded a picture of her.
As I placed my order, I was pleased to see that Blue Cotton offers free shipping on every order! Many companies really get you on the shipping charges. They said the order would be delivered within 2 weeks. (Faster processing/shipping time is available at additional cost if you need your order fast!). So anyways, it was time for the hardest part-waiting.
Less than 2 weeks later my package arrived at the door. I was so excited! Each and every shirt came out perfect! No misspells or typos, no pictures off-center (yes I have had that happen before, even when my design was just right online). It was great! I gave M her shirt right away, and she was thrilled! I wore my new shirts over the next 2 days, and received several compliments. My Mom's birthday was this past Monday, and I gave her the shirt I designed-she was totally surprised! She really liked the color, as well as the comfy feel of the shirt.
Overall, I am extremely impressed with Blue Cotton. The order came in faster than expected, everything was printed properly, and the shirts look great. I also like that the printing is done with eco-friendly, vinegar-based ink. I was worried this would not hold as well, but after washing, the designs all still look great! There's also no minimum requirement for your order!
Oh, and keep an eye out-Blue Cotton generously offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers! I'll be posting in the next 10-12 days, and you don't want to miss it!

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  1. Great looking shirts. I especially like the one you got made for your mom. She must have loved it.