Thursday, August 11, 2011

Share Your Child's Dream and WIN! #UPromise

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Do you remember your childhood dreams? Every kid has one big dream of what they want to do or be when they're grown up. For me, due to my love of Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I always wanted to be a detective. Not an official PI or anything, but, just like Nancy and the others, and amateur detective. Of course, that never worked out :) But, just like every child has a dream, every parent has a dream for their child, too. Sometimes, as parents, our dream is just for Johnny to succeed in his dream. Or maybe it's just for Susie to get married and raise a family of her own. I recently heard about UPromise, and their wonderful 10th Anniversary celebration. It's something every parent will appreciate, and want to get in on! You can participate in the celebration too. UPromise is giving away $20,000 to parents who share their dream for their child! 10 winners will receive $1,000 and the grand prize winner will receive $10,000! It's easy to do; just go to and share your dream. (While you're there, you can vote for your favorite dream, already posted on the Dream Wall too!)

I shared M's dream of becoming a missionary to China. This is something she has always wanted, and she is actually preparing for it even now. 

Pass the dream along, and encourage friends and family to vote for your dream, or share their own! This is too good to keep to yourself! Make sure to read the dream wall official rules; they're very simple.

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