Friday, August 26, 2011

Portable Solar Battery Charger Is Exactly What I Need!

Are you an internet addict? Are you constantly checking your emails or Facebook to see if you've missed anything important? Yep, me too :) I am...well, let's say I like to check my emails very often! I have friends that I keep in touch with through the internet, and my blog has turned into a mini business, so email is very important to me. During the past couple years of my blogging, we have taken a few trips and it makes it very difficult to keep up on everything. Fortunately my MacBook battery lasts longer than my old laptop, but I still end up killing the battery when we're on long trips. We try to stop in at a McDonalds or such along the way, but found out that many of them don't have power outlets! 
 2 VERY important pieces of equipment!

Another must-have for me is my iPod. Listening to preaching or music is my favorite way of passing the time while driving, and my iPod is almost a necessity! When the battery dies, I have to charge it fast, or else I will be going nuts very soon! I have looked for various options, and one I discovered is a portable solar battery charger. This would be great for while we're camping too; a weeklong trip to a State Park would be made much easier! (And much more fun; I could check in on my emails and have my music handy :)

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  1. This is a great idea. In this day and age, we sure need to keep our gadgets charged, don't we? A solar charger is a super way to go.