Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Complete Zoo Adventure-Review!!

As a book reviewer for New Leaf Publishing, I get the opportunity to check out some really awesome books. Whether it's a new fiction novel from Julie Cave, an in-depth apologetics book or something for the kids, I know that it will present and support a Biblical view of the world. One of the neatest books I've ever seen is The Complete Zoo Adventure by Gary and Mary Parker.

If you've ever studied the Creation/Evolution debate, you will, I am sure, be familiar with Gary Parker. I have read many of his books over the years, and enjoyed each one. The Complete Zoo Adventure is totally different though! Designed for children, families, homeschooling or Sunday School groups to study before they visit the zoo, as well as for use at the zoo, this book is packed with full color pictures, and neat information about the animals you commonly see at the zoo.  It is, quite literally, a "Field Trip in a Book"! There are also recommended activities for after your trip to encourage the childrens interest and learning from the field trip. 

The "At The Zoo" section is divided into 5 chapters; Birds, Paws and Claws, Hooves, Reptiles and Amphibians. At the back there is also a "Tool Kit" which includes 27 Field Fact Cards, 7 Biome Cards, 3 Field Journals and 12 Name Badges. This is the perfect setup for a homeschooling group to take a field trip to the local zoo!

While at first this looks like a book for the kids, I was fascinated my the information in here, as well as the beautiful pictures! 

After reading through this book, I decided to give it to my brother, E for his birthday. After meeting Carl Kerby at the Creation Museum several years ago, and hearing his talk on "The Best Evidence God Created" E became fascinated with the idea of animals showing and proving God's Creation. (He has actually watched "The Best Evidence" so many times he can literally repeat almost the entire presentation!) Sure enough, when E opened this, he loved it! I am so thankful for good books like this to reinforce the Biblical worldview.

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review. I did receive a copy of the book for review from New Leaf Publishing Group.

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  1. What a nice book for anyone. Plus the Tool Kit is a great addition to the book.