Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Healthy Tips For Back-To-School!

With summer almost over, and the dreaded school days on the near horizon, parents and children are preparing for the normal school routine to start back up soon. SocialMoms and Transition Lenses have teamed up with bloggers to share our top ten tips for sending your children back to school-heathy! This can be a big challenge, but here are my 10 tips.
1. Don't let them eat a lot of junk food during the summer! Keep them on a healthy diet and there will be no readjusting every fall.
2. Keep the kids active year-round. We like to play racquetball and work out at the local YMCA at least 3 times a week. For the girls it's the treadmill and bike, the boys like to lift weights as well.
3. Teach your children to wash their hands thoroughly! I get disgusted at public restrooms when you see not only children, but mothers and grandmothers who leave without washing their hands! And then they go out and touch items and shake hands, spreading the germs.
4. Get their eyes checked out. Study will be a killer if your son or daughter needs eyeglasses, but doesn't have them. When we caught M missing a lot of words while reading out loud, we got an exam done, and sure enough she needed some glasses!
5. Keep healthy snacks on hand. We like to keep some fresh fruit and granola bars in the kitchen for the family to snack on.
6. Have some hand sanitizer or handi-wipes available for your children. After using gym equipment, or handling other items for public use it is important to cleanse your hands.
7. Boost their Vitamin C intake if a cold or flu is going around. Our Pastor will immediately start dosing himself with large amounts of Vitamin C when a Church member gets sick, and he never catches it!
8. Make sure your children get a proper amount of sleep each night. I know there are exceptions and abnormal circumstances, but when you don't get enough sleep your immune system goes downhill fast!
9. Prepare for the weather; don't send your child off to school without an umbrella if the weather is calling for rain! (I speak from experience; I got caught in the rain this past weekend, and am now nursing a head cold).
10. Make sure your medicine cabinet is loaded with all the necessities. No matter how much you try to prevent it, someone is bound to catch a cold, so be prepared! We like to have a supply of Tussin, Tylenol, Cough Drops, and allergy medicine on hand at all times.

How about your family? How do you prepare your children to head back to school in a healthy way? Please share your ideas!

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