Monday, July 11, 2011

#VirginiaBeach 10 Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach!

Summer is in full swing, and families are looking for great places to vacation.  Somewhere with family activities, relaxing scenery, and fun sites for the kids. One such place is Virginia Beach.  Why, you ask? Let me share my top 10 reasons to visit Virginia Beach, and please feel free to share your ideas with me!

1. Virginia Beach has 3 public beaches, that make up 35 miles of coastline! I have been to Chesapeake Bay, and it is an awesome place! As well, Resort Area and Sandbridge are public beaches for you and your family to enjoy.
2. Virginia Beach offers a wealth of hiking opportunities! I love to hike, and with the abundance of state parks, wildlife trails, etc. Virginia Beach is an outdoorsman's dream destination.
3. For the kids, make sure to visit the Virginia Aquarium and Maine Science Center. This aquarium is full of interesting exhibits, and awesome marine life for you and your family to enjoy! What kid wouldn't enjoy seeing a Seal or a Tiger Shark?!
4. If there's a history buff in your family (I love history, but we also have a 10 year-old walking historian in our family :) Virginia Beach is a great destination for them too! The First Landing State Park is, obviously, the first place where the Virginia Company first landed before they moved on to settle in Jamestown. This would be such a neat place to visit! 
5. Check out the lighthouses at Cape Henry! We have visited a couple lighthouses over the years, and there is something so grand and magnificent about them. 
6. (Here's an obvious one). Take a boat or other craft out on the water! I've never been sailing, but I would love to go sometime. We do, however, go canoeing quite a bit, and this is something Virginia Beach offers, as well as surfing, parasailing, and other water activities!
7. For a fun day with the kids, go to Grommet Island Park. This place looks totally amazing! A beach park and playground combined, I know any kids would enjoy it.
8. Try your hand at fishing. With Virginia Beach's unique location, there are a multitude of fishing opportunities for beginners to the pros! 
9. This one's for the women in the family-go shopping! I know, the guys may not think shopping is much of a "fun day", but I love strolling through downtown shopping areas! Especially finding the unique local shops with all kinds of souvenirs!
10. One more great reason to visit Virginia Beach is because they offer some great family-friendly activities and events! Our family would love the Family Great Adventures Series, where families participate in an interactive adventure, solving a mystery! Now THAT is my kind of family vacation! And the best part is, they're free!

Have you ever been to Virginia Beach? Got any other tidbits or must-visit places to share with me? Please comment and let me know!

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