Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scruples Hair Care and Styling Products Review!! LLG

Scruples Hair Care-the very name inspires confidence. Scruples has been in the professional salon industry for over 25 years, and I am glad to have found this company recently (how did I not know about them before?)! I received several products for my review; Hydrate Shampoo, Quickseal Fortifying Conditioner, Silk Control Blow Dry Elixir, and Twisted Curl Creme. 

The Hydrate Shampoo is a wonderful cleanser with a lovely fragrance-it almost smells like grape soda! Very yummy, and gets my hair clean without drying it out. The Quickseal Conditioner is a lightweight conditioner that restores your hair's pH balance. It really left my hair soft and smooth, and tangle-free! These work as well or better than many other more expensive brands I have tried! 

After using the shampoo and conditioner several days and being extremely happy with the results, I decided to try the styling products. I don't often blow-dry my hair, preferring instead to let it air dry. But, to get the full effect of the Silk Control Blow Dry Elixir, I decided to pull out my blow dryer. After towel drying my hair, I worked a small amount of the elixir through, from roots to ends. It only takes a little; this is basically like a serum. After working it into my hair, I used the blow dryer on the cool setting. I was amazed at the results! All the frizz was gone. My hair looked smooth and shiny, not a mess. My bangs actually stayed nice and manageable, not flopping all over like normal. I love this stuff! It is awesome! So, I was excited to try the Twisted Curl Creme. I have been looking and looking for a product that would give definition to my curls, without making them look plastic or stiff. And while many products claim to do this, I had never been able to find one that worked. But. Now. I. Have!  Again, I applied to my hair after towel drying, working small amounts through each section. I used the blow dryer on low cool to finish the style, and it turned out great! My hair was extremely curly, yet no frizz! And my curls were defined, not a jumbled mess! I never knew it was possible to have smooth curls until I used Scruples' Twisted Curl Creme! I am totally sold on Scruples, and I plan on trying a few more of their products in the near future.

My hair after using Scruples Twisted Curl Creme!

"Scruples celebrates over 26 years of excellence in the professional salon industry.

Scruples has been family owned since its inception in 1983 and has held to its vision of what's important: service, professionalism and integrity.
From this vision, a culture that embraces the needs of professional cosmetologists emerged.  Consistently focused on creating innovative products, outstanding promotions and marketing support that works, everything we do is designed to help make salons more successful.
Experience the difference. . .be a part of the family."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Scruples website.

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  1. wow your curls look gorgeous in this pic. I'm glad it worked so well for you.