Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mirenesse Skincare from Australia Review!! LLG

I love to travel, although I've never been out of North America. Australia is one of my top 2 places I'd like to visit someday. However, until the time that (hopefully) I'll be able to visit :) I recently discovered a great company from "Down Under".  Mirenesse offers both skincare and cosmetic products, and I received the Power Clear D-Blemish System for review. This is a 4-part system for blemish/acne prone skin. The Gel Cleanser is an amazingly gentle yet thorough face wash. While massaging into your skin, it foams lightly, offering extra cleansing benefits. It has a fresh mint fragrance, that makes the cleansing experience a relaxing event. What I liked best about this was that while it cleaned, it didn't dry my skin out at all!

I really liked the Hydration Serum too; this is the first skincare system I have used that doesn't have a cream or lotion moisturizer. And, to be honest, I like it! The serum provides a much lighter, oil-free hydration, yet packs a moisturizing punch! Step 3 in the system is the Blemish Treatment Gel; this is a spot treatment for blemishes or breakouts. Again, I liked that this really worked, clearing up my skin, without drying it out! Most other spot treatments I have used end up leaving my skin red or dry and chapping, but that did not occur with the Mirenesse Blemish Treatment. The final step, and my favorite, is the Thermal Pore Mask. This product is absolutely amazing!! I use this about twice a week, after washing. The gel mask warms on contact with your skin, and provides a deep-down, pore refining cleanse. This leaves my skin feeling and looking fabulous! Very refreshed, invigorated, and much healthier! The micro-beads also give a nice, gentle exfoliation.

"Irene Patsalides, like tens of millions of women around the world, was fed up with mascara and other beauty products that didn't get the job done. Mascara that smudged, clumped and smeared. Concealers that didn't conceal very much. And so on.
Unlike most of those women, Irene could do something about it. As a 25 year pharmacist and cosmetics chemist, she set out to create a line of beauty products that really worked and lived up to their claims. One of her most successful creations is the Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara.
She went beyond the basics. Inventing the "micro-wrap" technology that encases each eyelash with thick rich vibrant color, she created an unique formulation that would allow the mascara to last 24 hours or more, so that women could work, exercise, go out in it and even sleep in it when needed!
The rest is history. Her line has become a best-seller on TV home shopping around the world and is flying off the shelves in stores in Australia. Millions of women have bought Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara, resulting in mail, lots of it, from women who pour their hearts out (see samples) about how they could never wear mascaras, but now they can. "The ultimate comment," Irene says, is from a woman who was so satisfied with her mascara she wrote a letter to Irene stating, '"Not even God could have made a better mascara.'" 
And of all the hundreds of mascaras out there, it has been awarded  Best Mascara Brand 2010  and accolades in major magazines including "Best Mascara Ever" (Good Medicine Magazine, Australia), "Most Innovative Mascara" (Real Simple Magazine, USA) and even won an award "Best Prestige Mascara" (New Woman Magazine, Australia). It's also in the top 10% on a major beauty site, even though it's not available in stores in the U.S. at this time, and until now, has only been sold on home shopping. Because she is so confident her product works, Irene offers something unheard of in the makeup business: "If you're not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund!" she says.
Now that's an offer that's hard to refuse."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Mirenesse website.

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  1. Sounds great especially the pore mask! Your face must feel so smooth afterwards.