Friday, July 22, 2011

Embarrassing Plumbing Problems!

"Mom, I just dropped ----- in the toilet!" Have you ever heard that call? We have a towel rack that sits behind our toilet, and unfortunately, the children often place other items on the rack than just towels. Books, bath toys, shampoo, hairbrushes...these are just a few of the objects I have had to fish out of the toilet bowl! It seems like they can never remember to close the toilet lid, which would also prevent the calamities that occur on a semi-regular basis. Most recently it was a small bottle of lotion that one of the younger children had used after their shower. 

Fortunately though, we have always been able to catch the floating objects before a child flushes them down! Could you imagine making a call to your local plumber? "Yes, I have plumbing problems. We flushed a book down the toilet!" Or how about "My daughter's rubber ducky is presently whitewater rafting down our sewer system!" Definitely not a call I want to make! If I have to call a plumber, I want it to be for a good reason. The sink won't drain, our toilet isn't flushing know, normal plumbing problems?! Thankfully, to date, we have not had to call in with these embarrassing plumbing problems. (Hopefully we never will, either :)

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