Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back To School Individual Style! #jcpback2school

I can't believe it's almost August! It seems like the kids just got out of school, and now we're already looking ahead to back-to-school shopping. Not just notebooks, study books and all the important tools, but also *The Wardrobe*.  Now, you may think that home schoolers don't worry much about style and clothing in the classroom, but you would be wrong. Some of the kids still have an individual style that they like to adhere to when coming/going to school. For the youngest, it is anything fancy, frilly and feminine. So unlike me when I was her age! Yes, I admit, I was more of the tomboyish type :) (Anyone who knows me will agree with that statement. Not that I don't like to dress nice in stylish skirts and blazers, but I am definitely more of an outdoors girl!). M, however, is the complete opposite!  She is totally into lace, ribbons and bows. And bright colors! Her usual school outfit is a bright, multi-colored skirt with at least a lace trim. Pink is her favorite color, so she generally ends up with a hint (or more) of pink in her attire. Next she will choose a frilly blouse-that doesn't always match. We're still working on coordinating colors with her :). (No, a pink, white and black plaid skirt does not go with an orange and blue striped shirt! Okay, so she's not that bad...but close). But, she doesn't stop at the lacy skirt and ribboned shirt. The next step is to slip into some lace trimmed socks and her dress shoes. (This is why we have to replace her dress shoes every 2 months). Then it's on to the hair. She loves trying out different styles and hairpieces. From headbands with bows to butterfly-adorned barrettes, M is always matching her hair accessories with her outfit. And, if she has time, she also likes to get into the color code with matching fingernail (and occasionally toenail) polish. Again, she loves the bright colors and will often end up with bright pink or purple polish. (Of course, it usually doesn't match the next day's outfit, so she has to do it all over again). But, whatever color scheme she ends up with, guaranteed it will be a totally feminine, ladylike young girl that shows up for school every morning! M spends more time on her outfit and hair than the rest of the children put together. 
For the boys, it's a simple matter of a clean pair of jeans or khakis, and a nice polo shirt. Throw on their best pair of sneakers, and they're ready for school. No fuss, no accessories, no certain style that they're going for. Just clean, neat and ready to go! I am amazed at how different siblings can be! 

How about your children? Do any/all of them have a style or "look" they go for? Feel free to share with me!

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