Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Tips For Your Kids To Eat Veggies!!

Each family has at least one. A picky eater, that would rather not eat those green beans, broccoli or carrots. While most of our family does enjoy their vegetables, a couple of the kids require some ingenuity to incorporate veggies into their daily diet. So, here are 10 ways we have encouraged the entire family to Eat Those Veggies!!

1. Mix them into a casserole. The veggies aren't as noticeable, and it tends to be harder for the kids to pick out what they do and don't like. 
2. Serve the veggies smothered in cheese or cheese sauce. This is one of our favorites, since the whole family loves cheese. This works great with broccoli, as well as other vegetables.  Whether we melt shredded cheddar over them, or pour cheese sauce, the kids will gobble it up!
3. Serve raw vegetables with dipping sauce. While everyone may not enjoy eating a raw carrot by itself, offer some ranch dressing and they'll usually go for it! 
4. If ranch dressing doesn't work, add salt and pepper. This is one I learned from some friends up north, and I could not believe how good it was! Raw cucumbers with salt and pepper sprinkled on=delicious! Even the kids who fussed about trying it ended up coming back for seconds!
5. Make it fun! Design a shape or picture with the vegetables on your child's plate, or a serving tray! It still amazes me when kids who normally avoid carrots or celery will eat it if it looks like fun! I mean come on, celery as spider legs is way cooler than just eating a celery stick, right?!
6. Let your child choose a vegetable themselves. Give them an opportunity to decide on a veggie to include with dinner, and then make a big deal out of it! "Isn't this spinach yummy? Joey picked it out for us!".
7. Have each child take turns making a recipe that uses vegetables. They will be much more apt to eat it if they made it themselves!
8. Go Chinese! Our family loves Chinese food, and I love that they are getting some good veggies while they eat it!
9. Be flexible. If your child detests spinach, but eats other veggies okay, don't push. Make them try it once, but as long as they are eating other vegetables that is fine. Even we adults have personal taste preferences!
10. Cook it up! One of the kids, M, doesn't like raw carrots. At all. But when we cook them up with a pot roast, she loves the carrots! Try serving different veggies different ways, and see what happens!

What about your children? Got any picky eaters? Have any tips or tricks to get them to eat their veggies? Please share with me!

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