Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outdoor Fun This Summer!!

It seemed like it would never arrive, but Summer is finally here-full force, I might add! After a long, severe winter, when the snow wouldn't stop coming and it was sooo cold...couldn't leave the house without 3 layers of clothing :) we finally have short sleeve, sandal-shod weather! Already we have started doing a lot more outdoors. I have finally been able to restart my morning aerobic walks around the neighborhood, we have been to various parks playing basketball, throwing a frisbee, and the kids are having fun in their backyard pool. I enjoy being outside and watching them, but I don't like having to sit on a folding chair, or worse, the ground to do it. We need some outdoor furniture! As a matter of fact, this garden swing would be my seat of choice!

We have rockers on our front porch, but that's no help for watching the kids play in the backyard :) We even have a brick patio of sorts that would be great for throwing an outdoor area rug on. I think this rug is absolutely adorable, and would look great on our back patio!

And, of course, as a finishing touch, I would love to add an outdoor bistro table. This would be great for having lunch outside this summer, having friends over for a BBQ, or just to sit at and sip some ice cold tea while the kids are swimming! Getting one with an umbrella would be perfect too!

Disclaimer: I have not received product from Every Patio Furniture. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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