Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Time-Savings Tips For Moms!!

Have I mentioned before how much I love SocialMoms? Not only is it a great place for moms to get together and chat, ask questions, and get helpful hints online, but they have some awesome blogging opportunities with great sponsors! Today I get the chance to work with SocialMoms and Starbucks Mobile, and share 10 time-saving tips for moms!
1. My first tip is easy to say, but sometimes harder to do! One of the best ways to "save time" is to get up early. Even mornings after we're up late at a Church function or having a family game night, I still try to be up by 7:00 at the latest. However, I'm usually up by 6:30. While it may be just 30 minutes earlier than normal, that 30 minutes lets me get a lot done before the kids are up! 
2. I would say online shopping is another great time saver. With the ability to shop for just about anything online, you not only save driving time and waiting in line, but you often save money as well!
3. Schedule your day! If you have a specific plan or schedule not only in mind, but written out, you will be more apt to stick with it! And when you plan ahead to get things done at a certain time, they will often get done! Not shelved for another day, another time.
4. Organize! Not just your day, but organize your areas, your home. If you get stuck in traffic and get home late to fix dinner, having your pantry and refrigerator organized will help cut off precious minutes from your prep and cooking time.
5. Cook ahead. When you're fixing a family-favorite casserole or muffins, double the recipe. You can freeze the second meal/item and use it for later in the week. That way you have 2 meals in one time of cooking! And frozen muffins work great for quick breakfasts...just microwave them for 30 seconds, and you have a hot, tasty breakfast!
6. If you must shop in the store, shop late at night! I know, some things you just have to shop for in person, at a real store. Grocery shopping, for example. We like to do this either in the early morning, or late at night when the stores are pretty much empty. No long lines, no tripping over someone else's'll have the store to yourself!
7. Iron your clothes for the week! This is one of my favorites. I will plan ahead what outfits I need for each day of the week, iron them all at once, and then they are crisp, fresh and ready when I need them! I don't have to pull a dress out and "run the iron over it" because it's too wrinkled, and I'm in a hurry!
8. Delegate! Moms tend to think we have to everything ourselves. After all, if we want it done right, usually we have to :) But, it is such a help to have other people take over certain things. For example, make it a regular chore for someone to organize the kitchen or bathroom. Have an older child in charge of taking the dog out first thing in the morning. By delegating small chores and jobs, we're not only saving time ourselves, but we're training the children to have responsibility!
9. Do your banking online. I think most banks have this option available, but it has been such a help to me to be able to check my balance, transfer money, etc. online. Instead of taking 20 minutes to run to the bank, or 5 minutes to call and check my balance, it is all right at my fingertips! (As a side note, if you keep your transaction book handy and write everything down, that will save even more time!)
10. Take 10 minutes of me time during the day! Yes, I said take it, not save it. I know for myself, if I am getting tired or frustrated, it is so relaxing to take 10 minutes, and do something I enjoy. Most often it is just sitting down, drinking a frappuccino or iced coffee, and getting off my feet! At the end of the few minutes relaxing, I am energized and ready to go again! So, in reality this does save time, since I'm not dragging my feet after a small break; I'm excited and ready to go!

These are my 10 favorite tips to save time. What are your ideas? Please share! Any thoughts on saving time would be welcome!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Starbucks blogging program, for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


  1. I agree your #1 tip is a great one, but so hard to follow sometimes!

  2. I really like your tips :)