Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slappa Media Storage Makes Organizing Easy!!

I admit it-I have a HUGE collection of cds. As a matter of fact, my cd collection takes up an entire bookcase! And the dvds-I think we have every single dvd ever sold about the Creation/evolution debate! 

That, of course, takes up another whole rack plus. So, I was excited when Slappa sent me some of their amazing cd and dvd cases for review. These are absolutely the best media storage cases I have ever seen, or had the pleasure of using. I was shocked at the size of the box I received:

The box contained a HardBody Pro Black Wave 360-cd Case, a HardBody 240-cd case, a D2i DVD Box, and a box of 50 d2i DVD Pages. The day they came in, I didn't think I would have enough time to finish the transfer, but I decided to at least get a head start on the "big move" once all the kids were in bed :) I was completely sold out to the Slappa products within the first 5 minutes of using them. The cd cases are absolutely amazing! Each cd sleeve is an individual piece that you can detach and reattach to any other sleeve. So, if you end up adding to your collection of a certain artist or style, you can trade pages or pockets out without moving each cd and cover. This is, as far as I know, the only brand of media storage that features this incredible interlocking page system. I love the layered design, too, so you can put the original artwork with each cd for easy identity as you flip through your case. Or, if you prefer, you can just put the cds in, and the case holds double the cds! So, I have room for 180 cds and covers in 1 case, and 120 cds and covers in the other. 
So, after discovering the great features on the Slappa cases, I proceeded with the move. I have to confess, I got so engrossed in the job that I actually did finish it that night...several hours later :) 
Here are pictures of the whole process:

Starting out with the 240-cd case.
Empty pockets just waiting for cds :)

Starting the big move!
Look at all the empty cases!
Starting in on the 360-cd case!
Ahhh, empty shelves! What a beautiful sight!
The case takes less than one shelf! Sweet!
Then, it was on to the dvds and Slappas dvd storage. Again, Slappa's sleeves will hold either 2 discs or 1 disc and the cover. I really like having this option, because there are some dvds I don't have covers for (home movies, etc.) so I can double up on those ones. It is somewhat like a filing system; you can even purchase dividers from Slappa for the dvd storage box. 

My Dad saw the Slappa dvd case after I was done transferring, and asked where I got it from...I guess I know what he'd like for his birthday!
So, my opinion on Slappa media storage solutions? They are top-notch! I highly recommend fact, I recommend them over any other storage system I've found!

What a beautiful view! Room to spare!
"In 2002 company President Dominick Martinetti, was unable to find a disc storage solution he felt was suitable for his personal collection, so he developed the idea for the SLAPPA HardBody PRO disc cases and had a factory make a few units for his personal use. Dominick showed his new cases to a few friends and based on their enthusiastic reaction he then realized he had a product others wanted. In June of 2003 SLAPPA was launched into the market via SLAPPA’s first website, and that started a journey where the brand has clearly established itself as a uniquely innovative and highly acclaimed. SLAPPA first attacked the CD and DVD storage market with a laser focus on building the ultimate CD storage cases and DVD storage cases. SLAPPA designed and received a patent for the revolutionary d2 pocket system and launched SLAPPA’s HardBody PRO disc storage cases, which were immediately adopted by niche audiophile circles and the DJ and Pro-Audio world. Looking to further advance disc storage solutions, the company then scored another patent with its d2i slide-n-lock pages, enabling each page “square” to attach and separate from one another, providing the most flexible disc storage system on the market. SLAPPA’s HardBody PRO line of CD and DVD disc storage cases have won countless awards and have repeatedly been recognized as the best disc storage system in the market."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Slappa website.


  1. Nice job! I am impressed you took photos all the way through, even tough you were obviously very engrossed in the project. I wish I could tackle an organizing project with such zeal.

  2. Nice! I need all of the for our cd's and dvd's! They are all a mess and take up a lot of space!