Monday, May 16, 2011

Organize Your Home Office With Computer Desks!

If you are anything link me, then keeping your home office organized is of major importance. I don't like clutter, and one of the "biggies" is keeping each piece of equipment in it's place and keeping the cords, etc. out of the way. My computer desk not only holds my computer, but an external hard drive (or 2 or 3...I believe at one time I had 5!), a cd duplicator (the size of a computer tower), a phone, and, of course, paperwork usually gets stacked there. Plus, in addition to my blogging, I also help the family with a lot of other techie stuff...building websites, creating videos, slideshows, powerpoint presentations, etc. So, as you can imagine...I need an organized, spacious computer desk! Something like this executive desk would be great...

But unfortunately I just don't have enough room in my study/office. But seriously, check out the storage capabilities! Plenty of space for everything to be arranged and filed! So, for now I'll place it on my dream list for sometime in the future! 

Something like this cute little bow front desk would be perfect in my study though.

It's smaller, yet has plenty of desktop space. It even has grommets for concealed wire access! Hmmm, sounds like a great birthday gift to if only I can get my family to think that way :)

Disclaimer: I have not received product from Computer Desks n More. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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