Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Dining Armchairs!

I don't know about you, but I think you can tell a lot about someone by their home. Especially their dining room furniture. For example, some homes I walk into I can just tell they are a family that enjoys having friends over for dinner, and have a very home-y feel to the house. Then, there are others that have a cold, untouchable feel. Like you don't feel comfortable sitting down to eat! The dining armchairs you use for the dining room, like the rest of your furniture, make a statement. For example, check out this beautiful Victorian-style armchair from More Dining Chairs. 

Doesn't it make you think of a stately, elegant home? My sister is very into history, especially the Colonial period and such. This is the type of armchair I imagine her picking for her home!
I also enjoyed browsing the selection of upholstered dining chairs. I love these chairs with an oak finish. 

To me, these say comfy, pleasant and homey, with a rustic touch.  Definitely something I would love to furnish my dining room with!

Then, if you're like my younger brother, you prefer chairs with some movement. For example, these dining chairs with casters are exactly what he would choose. I admit, I do enjoy the mobility these chairs provide. 

So, whatever style, design or finish you're looking for, I recommend you check out More Dining Chairs. I found a number of chairs that would look great in our home!

Disclaimer: I have not received product from More Dining Chairs. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. Very pretty chairs. I think I would agree with you. I really like the upholstered dining chairs that you liked.